Wednesday, August 10, 2022
NewsFather swan gives cygnets a masterclass in landing on ice

Father swan gives cygnets a masterclass in landing on ice

A BUDDING six-year-old wildlife photographer has captured an amazing video of a father swan landing on an icy river.

Carter Murphy was out with his grandparents earlier this month when he captured the incredible clip at Alexandra Park, Glasgow.

The clip begins with the mother carefully leading her cygnets in a line along the ice.

A faint honking can be heard as the camera pans to reveal a majestic father swan swooping low above the pond

He touches down gently, skidding along the frozen surface with careful control.

He then slides to a stop and is seen slipping before quickly sitting itself down to avoid falling over.

The video was uploaded to Facebook by Carter’s grandfather Michael Sweeney, a photographer.

father swan lands on ice - Nature News Scotland
The father swan majestically swoops down over the frozen pond. (Image: Carter Murphy)

He captioned the video with: “Mother swan leads her young to watch in amazement ‘
as father swan gives a lesson how to land.”

The video has amazed social media users.

Lesley Stander wrote under the post: “Now that’s getting your swans/ducks in a row… What a landing.”

Zi Young Kang added: “This is a fantastic video! I was surprised that the babies looked competent in walking on the ice and then surprised again by the beautiful landing of the dad.”

And Joanne Sweetin said: “”Wow we missed the show.”

Father swan teaches cygnets how to land
He manages to stick the landing. (Image: Carter Murphy)

Speaking today, Michael said: “Our grandson has taken up photography and video during lockdown. He’s only 6 years old.

“It is a very unique video as the way the swans line up then the male mute swan flys in from the bottom of the iced over pond, then lands while the mother and their two young look on.

“The lockdown has given him more time to do wildlife photography more as well as his videos.

“He started off taken pictures of out dog. He has produced hundreds of photos for a very young age. He’s producing his own video and doing sketches of each clip.

“His Nana has encouraged him. He is definitely going to do some amazing things.

“I’m doing photography lessons with him. He’s only six and doing portrait photography and gets wow results.”

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