Video shows Scots champion boxer Josh Taylor firing himself up in the gym…by listening to Braveheart speech


VIDEO shows Scots boxer Josh Taylor getting himself fired up in the gym – by listening to Mel Gibson’s famous Braveheart speech.

The Braveheart fanatic can be seen walking around the MTK Performance Centre in Harlow, Essex shouting the patriotic speech as the movie plays in the background.

The candid clip of the unified champion was posted by his management group MTK last night as the start preparations for his next bout with Jose Ramirez in May of this year.

In the video, Josh is shown pacing around the gym before standing in front of a mirror and imitating the William Wallace speech.

Josh, from Prestonpans, East Lothian, can be heard saying in unison with the movie: “Would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that.

“For one chance, just one chance.

Scots champion boxer Josh Taylor gets fired up in gym by listening to Braveheart - Video News UK
Unified champ Taylor can be seen standing with his hands in the air as he mimics Mel Gibson.

“To come back here and tell our enemies.

The Tartan Tornado then turns around with his hands triumphantly in the air as he shouts: “That they may take our lives but they’ll never take our freedom!”

30-year-old Josh has expressed his love for the 1995 William Wallace biopic over the years via his Twitter page.

In 2013, the champ tweeted: “They may take our lives…But they will never take our…FREEDOM !!!! Braveheart = epic film!”

Alongside his tweet he hashtagged: “#proud2beScottish”

Scots champion boxer Josh Taylor gets fired up in gym by listening to Braveheart - Video News UK
He tweeted about his love for the William Wallace biopic years ago via his Twitter page.

Josh said: “Watching Braveheart, Making me fired up for the fight already.”

Since the video was shared last night, it has been viewed over 11,000 times.

Twitter users @DannyM180 said: “Different class.”

Josh Taylor is currently ranked third as the world’s best active light-welterweight by BoxRec.

The Scottish boxer is currently undisputed, winning all 17 of his professional bouts, 13 of which ended in knockouts.