House hunters slam ridiculous £950pm tiny one-bedroom flat


HOUSE-HUNTERS have slammed the “ridiculous” London housing prices after images surfaced online of a one bedroom kitchenette for £950 per month. 

The property in Canada Water, South-east London, comes complete with a joint bedroom, kitchen and living room and covers approximately 10 foot by 8 foot. 

The tiny room also comes with a double bed, wardrobe, beside, wall mounted TV and a complete kitchen with a fridge freezer, dishwasher, microwave and washing machine.

House-hunter slams property prices on Twitter | Property News UK
House-hunter slams London property prices on Twitter

Twitter user @FutureSailorr shared images of the tiny flat on Wednesday, tweeting: “Things like this should be illegal

“Housing in London is just a joke.”

The property is listed as a “Studio style en-suite and kitchenette” on property site Spare Room and is managed by Ultimate Lets.

It is described as a: “Well kept studio with kitchenette, separate bathroom and private garden nestled in behind Russia Dock woodland. 

“This self contained unit is featured with a double bed, double wardrobe and bedside table and a wall mounted TV.

“The kitchenette is equipped with fridge freezer, dishwasher, microwave and washing machine etc.”

Cramped London flat | Property News UK
Cramped London flat combines bedroom and kitchen

Images attached of the property show the small apartment living space. 

The double bed and wardrobe take up the vast majority of floor space leaving a small walkway next to the kitchen.

A lone bedside table sits beside the main wall of the space right beside the small kitchen. 

The entrance hallway has a en-suite bathroom and a washing machine situated behind a cupboard door. 

Cramped London flat | Property News UK
Cramped London flat combines bedroom and kitchen

While the space also comes with a garden, it is not featured in the images.

@FutureSailorr’s tweet soon went viral, with the post now having over 19,000 likes and 2,000 retweets. 

However, with the flat including a weekly cleaner, Wifi and all bills in the rent, @FutureSailorr’s replies were mixed.

@teamsalut replied to the original post saying: “So I can relax in bed and fry plantain at the same time.”

@fussytarts wrote: “Jesus! You can have a 4 bed house with off road parking and a garage for that where I live.

@dylanharvy commented: “You can live in the same apartment block as John Barrowman in Cardiff Bay with sea views for that! (Not sure if the John situation is a bonus or not).”

@Jake_SYTC commented: “Landlords in London don’t even try to hide the fact they’re trying to scam us these days like they will do whatever they can to turn a two bedroom house into 14 studio apartments and have people sleeping between the cooker and the toilet for £800pcm.”

@Disco_Nancy replied with photos of her own, saying: “This is a complete bargain compared to some of the “studios” I’ve viewed.”

Twitter users shared their own experiences | Property news UK
One Twitter user shared their own shocking images from trying to rent in London.

@EmilyIsCxnfused said: “This really isn’t bad? A studio is usually just the one room and the bathroom anyway, outdoor space is a plus!”

@rd_npse wrote: “I mean this looks like good value compared to some spare room lets!”