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NewsScots bus driver shares shocking images of boulder that "feral youths launched...

Scots bus driver shares shocking images of boulder that “feral youths launched through window”

A SCOTS bus driver has shared shocking images of a huge boulder that “feral youths” launched through a bus window.

Ian Wallace, who works for Lothian Buses in Edinburgh, claims that nine buses had their windows smashed in last night.

The driver, from Bo’ness, Falkirk, posted images of one incident which shows a large, grey boulder lying on the floor of a Lothian bus.

A hole from where the heavy rock smashed through the window can be seen, directly above where elderly and disabled passengers would usually be sitting.

Bus driver shares image of boulder thrown through window - Scottish News
Images show the shattered window right beside an elderly seat.

Ian revealed that one of the buses was travelling to the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary and had staff onboard who ended up being held up for work.

He also said that parents who don’t know where their children are at night are part of the problem.

The bus attacks come just days after an Edinburgh driver spoke out about how he was scared to board a bus and was suffering from nightmares after someone threw a rock through his bus window.

Fed-up of the dangerous attacks, Ian posted the frightening images on Facebook in the early hours of this morning.

Bus driver shares image of boulder thrown through window - Scottish News
The rock that was launched throw the window.

He wrote: “Wow…Another night and another nine buses had their windows smashed by feral youths in the town.

“Nine drivers who’s life was at risk, nine lots of passengers who were having large lumps of masonry hurled through windows where they were sitting.

“Hospital workers unable to travel as buses were prevented from getting to the ERI.

“Where does this end…Is it yet another driver being seriously injured? Is it a passenger being injured?

“Or god forbid does nothing happen until a driver gets hit and a bus mounts the pavement?

He added: “If you’re reading this in Edinburgh and surrounding area, do you know where your child is at night and what they are up to? If you don’t then you are every bit a part of this problem.”

Ian’s post has been shared over one hundred times and attracted dozens of comments from fuming social media users and other bus drivers.

Bus driver shares image of boulder thrown through window - Scottish News
A whole was left in the wall beside the wheelchair space.

Shona McCreadie commented: “A Borders Buses bus was also vandalised.”

Rob Noble wrote: “Those little s**** need a hammering…

“Drivers jobs are difficult enough at times, and in my line of work, you’re sacrificing home life to work away to make a living and you have to put up with rubbish like that

“Hope all the drivers and passengers were safe and not injured…

“Makes you wonder why we are drivers.”

Graham Cochrane said: “Another bad night last night. Thank god I got out of that job when I did, over two years ago. My thoughts go out to everyone still having to endure it.”

Other shocked Facebook users took to the post, saying that something needs to be done urgently before someone gets hurt.

Bus driver shares image of boulder thrown through window - Scottish News
Facebook users expressed their disgust at the pictures.

Sven Mertens wrote: “Absolutely horrifying, bus drivers should not go out for a shift wondering if they’ll get attacked. Disgraceful! Something needs to happen FAST!”

Carol Goodfellow Clifford commented: “Schools need to highlight the dangers to pupils. Maybe get someone talking, kids talk amongst themselves, and this will be getting discussed amongst them .

“Or a curfew should be introduced. Parents should know where exactly your kids are at any time.”

Shirley Mullen commented: “Absolutely sickening behaviour.”

And Stephen Watters wrote: “Something drastic needs to happen. For the sake of all our safety.

“Perhaps the best avenue is a curfew on all kids citywide and surrounding areas; it’s not just confined to the city centre.

“Too many police cars drive past youngsters who are out and about for a wee jaunt. They should be stopped, questioned and if need be taken home to parents.

“And a fixed penalty charge put in place…It’s that simple it can’t go on.”

In response to a recent surge in antisocial behaviour on and around public transport, Police Scotland has launched Operation Proust.

Bus driver shares image of boulder thrown through window - Scottish News
Facebook users expressed their disgust at the pictures.

Sergeant Grant Robertson added: “We will continue our efforts to tackle this issue and work closely with our partners.

“We ask parents and guardians to speak to children under their care about the dangers associated with throwing objects at buses, tampering with the engine compartment and holding onto the rear of the buses while both stationery and in motion.

Sarah Boyd, Operations Director at Lothian Buses today said: “Lothian is absolutely committed to delivering for our customers and I am appalled that our colleagues on the frontline continue to be subjected to such irresponsible and dangerous acts of vandalism.

“I am even more disappointed that the individuals responsible chose to target buses serving the Royal Infirmary Hospital at a time when keyworkers, who rely heavily on our services, were either starting or finishing their shifts.

“As a direct result of these incidents, we were forced to withdraw our services from this area for a period of time to ensure the safety of our drivers and customers and we will not hesitate to take similar action again if necessary.

“The lasting damage from these reckless acts can be life-changing for everyone involved and we continue to work with Police Scotland to ensure that those responsible are held accountable.

“We would like to thank our customers for their patience and apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

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