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Comedian Limmy blasts Tories for using iconic “she’s turned the weans against us” sketch

SCOTS comedian Limmy has been left fuming after the Scottish Conservatives used his iconic “she’s turned the weans against us” sketch.

The 46-year-old from Glasgow discovered the Scottish Tories Twitter page had quoted the hilarious scene in response to a tweet by Humza Yousaf.

The funnyman, real name Brian Limond, was livestreaming at the time of his discovery and shared his reaction on his Twitter page last night.

In the video, Limmy is urged by a viewer to “look at the tweet” during his stream.

He pauses his game and then says: “Oh f**** right off!”

Limmy then quotes directly from the tweet by the Conservatives, saying: “’They’ve turned the weans against us’ vibes from the Cabinet Secretary for Justice.

“Rigged polls, they’ve left reality behind.”

He continues: “The f**** Tories using my f**….”

Limmy then stops mid sentence before the clip comes to an end.

The famous sketch referenced by the political party sees Limond walking through a housing scheme with nothing but tracksuit bottoms and a jacket on.

He holds his hands defiantly in the air as he shouts: “She’s turned the weans against us” in response to his partner allegedly manipulating their children.

Limmy shared the clip onto his Twitter last night and captioned his post: “My live reaction to seeing the Scottish Tories quoting ‘She’s turned the weans against us’.”

The Conservatives had been replying to Humza Yousaf.

The Scottish Conservatives had been responding to a tweet by Humza Yousaf, the Cabinet Secretary for Justice, who wrote: “They will throw more conspiracies and rigged polls at us between now and polling day.

“We will stay focused on Covid recovery and ask people who they trust to guide us through it, Nicola or Douglas Ross?

Comedian Limmy blasts Tories for using his famous sketch - Scottish News
Limmy was disgusted when he found out on his livestream.

“In whose hands do they trust our Country’s future – Scotland’s or Westminster?”

Since the exchange last night, fans of the Glaswegian have been commenting on his reaction to the tweet.

@andrewcoventry said: “Is nothing sacred anymore!”

@twitonatrain posted: “Tories using your material? Could be a career ender.”

@beardyman commented: “It’s on now man…do it…give em hell.”

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