Monday, July 4, 2022
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“Real life Sonic the Hedgehog” caught zooming past in hilarious wildlife camera clip

A NATURE enthusiast believes she may have captured the real life “Sonic the Hedgehog” zooming past her wildlife camera. 

Gemma Gilbert from Matlock, Derbyshire spotted the super sonic critter on her night camera in the early hours of Saturday morning. 

The 30-year-old was impressed by how fast the creature zoomed past the camera which was set up to spot the prickly animals who visit her garden.

The footage shows one furry hedgehog monetarily stop munching away on food as the distant sound of tiny feet can be heard in the background.

The pitter patter then turns into a thunderous tapping noise as a speedy hedgehog runs rapidly across the front of the camera. 

The sound of the hedgehog’s feet tapping off the floor crescendos as the hedgehog passes but hilariously fades off as it speeds off into the distance.

Gemma has left social media followers in stitches after posting the “blink-and-you’ll-miss-it” clip onto Facebook later on that day.

Gemma, a senior carer, wrote: “Fastest Hedgehog ever. 

“You can hear him coming! 


The clip has since gained over 2,000 likes, 1,000 shares and hundreds of comments from viewers.

Real life sonic the hedgehog | Wildlife News UK
The pacey hedgehog could be seen speeding past past the camera lens in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Deb V Saunders wrote: “Every time I pop into the group I have to watch this.

“It just makes me laugh more each time I watch it.”

Faye Gardner said: “It’s the footstep noises that crack me up.

“I hope you don’t mind but I had to share this piece of pure gold.”

Sue Hardy commented: “This clip is gold. 

“It has to be the funniest and one of the cutest) clip I have ever seen. 

“I’ve saved it so I can go back and watch it when I need cheering up.”

Real life sonic the hedgehog | Wildlife News UK
The speedy hedgehog could be missed in just a matter of seconds.

Paul Ninnes replied: “Honestly can’t stop watching this, got to be one of the funniest hedgehog clips I’ve ever seen.”

Speaking today Gemma said: “I have three or four hedgehogs that come into my garden at night. 

“I leave food and water out for them every night and my partner has made me three hedgehog houses for them… 

“I leave a wildlife camera out every night and managed to catch the wonderful Sonic the Hedgehog passing through my garden.

“I skipped past the video at first because I was making breakfast at the same time as I was looking. 

“Then I skipped back to that video and found Sonic zooming past.

“I was gobsmacked!”

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