Fire and rescue team share dramatic images of a car transporter on fire


DRAMATIC images shared by a fire and rescue team shows a large nine-car transporter ablaze.

Fighters were called to the roaring inferno Elitsley in South Cambridgeshire on Wednesday night to combat the flames.

Greg Hedley, who was passing by, alerted the unaware driver after seeing flames coming from around the rear wheels.

Within just 15 minutes five cars had caught a light and were burning intensely in the back of the transporter.

Fire and Rescue team share images of transporter ablaze - UK News
All of the cars on the rear of the transporter caught alight.

Crews attended from Fire and Rescue Services including Cambridgeshire, Gamlingay, Papworth, Huntingdon and St Ives on the B1040 road.

Wearing breathing apparatus, firefighters attending the scene fought back the fire, which was caused accidentally, using hose feels and jets.

One image shows the car transporter engulfed in flames, with several car windows filled with intense fires.

Thick black smoke can be seen billowing into the night sky as the intensify fire continues to burn.

Another image shows the aftermath of the intense fire, with nothing left to the cars but their charred white bodies.

Fire and Rescue team share images of transporter ablaze - UK News
Thankfully, fire crews managed to bring the blaze under control.

Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service later posted their encounter with the fire on yesterday, writing: “If you spotted several fire engines on blues yesterday evening, there’s a good chance they were on their way to this!

“We were called to a large vehicle fire near Eltisley, which turned out to be a car transporter carrying nine cars.

“Thankfully there were no injuries.”

In response to the post Greg wrote: “I had to stop…

“I saw the flames coming from around the rear wheels and wanted to check he was ok.

“He had gotten a puncture and was waiting for the fitter to turn up.

“Within 15 minutes five cars were on fire.

The post now has hundreds of likes with dozens of users praising the Fire and Rescue Services in the comments.

Hazel Rudd wrote: “Well done to the Fire Service for another amazing job.

“So glad no one was hurt.”

Sarah Draper replied: “Thank goodness no one was hurt , good work fire and rescue.”