Relentless motorist with no licence, tax and MOT caught twice by cops within two weeks


A RELENTLESS motorist with no road tax, MOT and an expired licence has been caught by cops twice in the space of two weeks.

Copeland Police in Cumbria first apprehended the driver on the 20th of April before later busting him again on Tuesday for not having a licence.

Officers originally pulled over the driver and found that he had an expired drivers licence and no MOT or road tax on the vehicle.

Driver's car seized twice in two weeks | Traffic News UK
The driver had two cars seized in two weeks.                                                                                      (C) Copeland Police

Two weeks later, they pulled over the same driver in a different vehicle still driving around without a valid driving licence.

The police force ended up having to seize both vehicles at the time of each incident.

Copeland Police posted about the incidents on Facebook on Tuesday, writing: “Same driver as our post from 14 days ago, same expired licence, different vehicle. 

“Same result, vehicle seized and driver reported for offences. 

“People who have a blatant disregard for our roads and who put the safety of other road users at risk have no place on our roads.”

Copeland Police had previously written about their initial discovery of the unlawful road user last month.

Copeland Police posted to Facebook | Traffic News UK
Copeland Police posted to Facebook after seizing a second vehicle from the driver.                          (C) Copeland Police

They said: “Today officers seized a vehicle due to it having no tax and no MOT and the driver also had an expired licence. 

“We take road safety very seriously and will continue to take robust action against anyone flouting the laws.”

Two separate images show two completely different cars, both of which have been loaded into the back of a yellow recovery vehicle. 

The first vehicle appears to be all black with the drivers window down whilst the second is blue.

The posts have attracted hundreds of comments from concerned social media users.

Amanda Wilson wrote: “Give them a big hefty fine , they won’t be able to afford a new car.”

Valerie Rider asked: “Why are they still on the roads?”

Bob Martin said: “Could it possibly be that the penalty handed out by the courts isn’t a deterrent?”

And Ron Warwick commented: “Great another one off the road.”