Hardy punters tackle torrential rain with their golf brollies to enjoy drinks


HILARIOUS video shows hardy boozers tackling torrential rain with their golf brollies so that they can enjoy a beer garden beverage. 

Three hardy boozers faced heavy downpour this week to have drinks in the beer at The Quay Taphouse in North Shields, Tyne and Wear. 

The hilarious video shows rain lashing relentlessly off the road, where cars are driving through a stream of water. 

Beyond the road, three people are sat in a beer garden alone, clutching onto golf umbrellas for shelter. 

Unsurprisingly the other four visible benches are empty as the downpour continues to batter off the determined punter’s umbrellas. 

The Quay Taphouse later posted the video to Facebook on Monday, writing: “We call them ‘The Loyal Squad’. 

“Does our beer really taste that good?”

The hilarious post has now collected over 800 likes, 200 shares, hundreds of comments from Facebook users who had mixed responses. 

Boozers brave torrential rain for drinks | Food and Drink News UK
The punters braved torrential downpour for a whole 25 minutes.

Debbie Stevenson wrote: “Hope that level of dedication was rewarded with a free pint.”

Zeta Archer joked: “Nothing keeps a Geordie from a pint.”

Christine Carr said: “Why waste a good pint! 

“Get it doon ya neck before it gets watered down!”

Maureen Baker replied: “No bloody chance, I’m not that desperate love.”

Deborah Stobbart commented: “Is it someone with there two kids treating them to tea out?”

This isn’t the first instance of boozers braving the unpredictable British weather to try and enjoy their first alcoholic pub beverages after lockdown. 

Punters were also spotted taking refuge under three umbrellas at the Tolbooth Bar in Glasgow last month.

Boozers brave torrential rain for drinks | Food and Drink News UK
The trio took refuge under a selection of umbrellas whilst the attempted to enjoy a bottle of wine.

A member of staff at the The Quay Taphouse today revealed how the hardy trio braved the rain for 25 minutes in order to enjoy their bottle of wine together.

Speaking today he said: “Before the rain started it was actually quite busy.

“There were 30 to 40 people out there. 

“It was a complete downpour and when it stopped the sun came back out, it was crazy.

“It was hilarious, quite a few people were taking pictures and videos. 

“They were adamant not to leave. 

“It’s just what the Geordies are like.”