Monday, July 4, 2022
NewsHealthNew study reveals cleaning as a huge coping mechanism during lockdown

New study reveals cleaning as a huge coping mechanism during lockdown

A NEW study has revealed cleaning as a major coping mechanism during lockdown.

A study conducted by Hillary’s home interior specialist found that not being able to see friends and family regularly was a factor in low mental health during lockdown.

The research was conducted as part of an ongoing study into mental health in the home, with over 1,700 homeowners in the UK who had suffered from their mental health during lockdown taking part.

Around 72 per cent of participants admitted to having poor mental health due to a lack of visiting friends and family during lockdown.

By cleaning and sticking to a home care routine, two-thirds of participants claimed chores helped them cope.

Cleaning the kitchen was revealed as the top coping mechanism - UK News
Photo by Sixteen Miles Out on Unsplash
A majority of participants revealed that cleaning the kitchen was a favourable chore used as a coping mechanism

Cleaning the kitchen was found to be the most popular chore to deal with mental health, with 72 per cent of people saying that they found this the most therapeutic.

Dusting the house came second for popularity when coping as 68 per cent of people confessed this helped them.

Emptying the bins came in last as only 16 per cent of people said that this chore helped them.

One in five participants said that they used cleaning as a ‘form of therapy’ when they felt anxious.

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