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Top StoriesFormer footballer David Cox praised for highlighting past self harm scars

Former footballer David Cox praised for highlighting past self harm scars

FORMER footballer David Cox has received an outpour of support on social media after highlighting past scars from self harming. 

The 32-year-old, from Lanark, has spoken openly about his history of mental health issues and has pushed to eliminate the stigma from the issue in football.

Cox retired from football at half time of Albion Rovers’ game against Stenhousemuir at the end of April after allegedly being taunted by footballer Jonathan Tiffoney. 

David Cox Scars tweet- Scottish Football News
Cox had drawn in red marker where previous self harm scars had been.

On Wednesday Tiffoney was charged with “excessive misconduct” by the SFA.

Later on the same day, Cox took to Twitter to show where he had cut himself in the past – which included scars from a previous suicide attempt. 

The first picture shows Cox in a hoodie, with the caption “What you see vs what’s really going on”

David Cox torso scars - Scottish Football News
The scars included several on his chest and a slash across his neck.                                                              (C) David Cox

The final three images show Cox having removed his hoodie and drawn on his body with red marker pen showing the areas on his body that he self harmed.

These include one along his neck, several on the left side of his chest and across his right wrist, and a thick slash across his right upper arm. 

Cox captioned the images: “Each of these red lines represents a time where I was struggling and self harmed or tried to take my life. 

“We never really know what’s going on behind closed doors. 

“I’m not afraid to show my scars. Mental illness isn’t a choice!

“Be kind!”

David Cox wrist scars - Scottish Football News
There were also several on his wrist                                                                                                            (C) David Cox

The tweet now has 4,700 likes, with tens of people congratulating and thanking Cox for his bravery in sharing his experience. 

@mr8man commented: “More strength to you David, you may never know just how much your voice is helping others now and in the future. Thank you.” 

@sauzee47062 said: “Inspirational. Someone might see this tweet and realise they are not alone. Take care” 

@donners32 added: “Amazing what you are doing David. Good luck to you.

“This will help many youngsters who are struggling to comprehend their feelings. All the best man!” 

@kirstyA19756077 remarked: “It shows great strength and courage to pull yourself back from a dark place. All the best for the future”

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