Scots sales assistant claims she was sacked for “sexualising herself” when top crept up


A SCOTS sales assistant has claimed she was sacked after being accused of “sexualising herself” when her top crept up while putting up shop displays.

Jasmine Lambe said she was “belittled” by female managers and told her “t*** and stomach were hanging out” whilst working at Cardzone at Glasgow Fort on Wednesday.

The 22-year-old claims she was wearing black wide-leg trousers, a nude coloured long sleeved fitted-top and a trench coat when she was hauled into the office.

Staff at the gift store allegedly told Jasmine, who worked at the company for three weeks, that she was “sexualising herself to old men”.

The outfit the sacked retail assistant was wearing when she was sacked - Consumer News Scotland
The outfit Jasmine was wearing when she was let go from Cardzone for ‘sexualising herself’ (C) Facebook

Jasmine said she burst into tears and left after being told she “no longer has a job there” and was sacked on the spot.

Jasmine posted about the incident on Facebook and shared an image of the outfit she wore during her shift, writing: “Cardzone Glasgow Fort, please tell me how this outfit is sexualising.

“Today I turned up to my job as normal with this outfit on (same as I wore the night previously and hadn’t any problem), first task this morning was to step up a ladder and place decorations on the ceiling.

“My top had creeped up slightly at this point as it would do when hanging up decorations.

The top Jasmine was wearing when she was let go for 'sexualising herself' - Consumer News Scotland
The long-sleeved top Jasmine was wearing when she was let go for ‘sexualising herself’, the managers allegedly stated her ‘t*** and stomach were hanging’ out’ (C) Facebook

“I was then called into a room where I was then told how I was disrespectful for not wearing correct uniform (can I note the dress code is smart attire).

“I was then belittled by two older women (managers) who proceeded to tell me that my ‘tits and stomach’ were hanging out and that I was sexualising myself to old men.

“I have never felt so belittled in my life and made to feel like I was exposing myself, I was in tears near enough the full time this was all going on 

“To then be told that I no longer have a job. I think it’s a disgrace that young workers are treated like this all because a manager has a bad day.

“I hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else and I hope no other individual has to be made to feel the way I did. 

“A quick side note, I wore this outfit on my shift last night and actually got complimented on it by one of the same women who belittled me.”

The Cardzone that alledgedly sacked a member of staff for 'sexualising herself' - Consumer News Scotland
The Cardzone at the Glasgow Fort that allegedly wrongfully dismissed Jasmine

Jasmine’s photograph shows the outfit she was wearing including a beige trench coat she had on as she was feeling cold.

She tagged Cardzone in the post but has claimed they have since blocked her and removed their Facebook page following backlash over the incident.

Jasmine today said that she is currently trying to sort out the situation with her former employer, Cardzone.

The post has had over 1,000 reactions to her post – including more than 400 angry face emoji icons.

More than 700 Facebook users have shared the post, whilst hundreds have left comments expressing their sympathy.

Jasmine Parker, the member of staff that was allegedly wrongfully dismissed - Consumer News Scotland
Jasmine Lambe, pictured wearing a different, everyday outfit, she was allegedly let go because her top had ‘crept up’ while putting up sales displays (C)

Elizabeth Bowers said: “You should seek unfair dismissal.

“Approach the people that own the business and go to the Citizens advice bureau.

“This is not acceptable and should not happen. Hope everything goes OK for you. Best wishes xx.”

Liz Kelly wrote: “This is absolutely disgusting. Phone Acas they will be able to point you in the right direction cos no one should be getting treated like this xx.”

Kirstie-Ann Williams commented: “I’d be quite happy if my staff turned up in that you’re an absolutely beautiful gal so don’t let those bastards get you down!”

Jasmine Parker pictured wearing an alternative outfit - Consumer News Scotland
Jasmine Parker wearing an alternative outfit, she’s been told by supporters on Facebook to file for unfair dismissal.

Claire Morrell, who claims to be a member of staff at the store, weighed into the dispute to defend the store.

She said: “I work at this store and this post is lies! The girl was pulled up constantly for not wearing uniform, the main problem being crop tops.

“She didn’t have the top tucked in when she was in the store and had the wee stings pulled so her belly was on show she was asked to cover up and she walked out! 

“She wasn’t sacked or shouted abuse at, the store manager in fact bought her shoes the week before as she was turning up in trainers. 

“My manager is absolutely devastated at this. The shop is lovely and so are the staff and this is really harmful to us.”

Jasmine Parker pictured wearing a hat - Consumer News Scotland
Jasmine Parker stated it was a disgrace young people are treated like this just because a manager has a bad day

Jasmine responded to messages, adding: “Mangers admitted everything on the phone to one of my family members.

“I was wearing my coat but I had permission by the managers because the shop was quiet and was cold.

“I do not want anything out of Cardzone.

“I just wanted to make it aware that this type of discrimination still goes on in a work place.”

A spokeswoman for the Cardzone store in Glasgow today declined to comment.