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Top StoriesScot captures stunning image of sun setting in Outer Hebrides

Scot captures stunning image of sun setting in Outer Hebrides

A SCOT has captured a stunning photograph of the sun setting in the Outer Hebrides which gives the illusion that a volcano has erupted.

June Whitelaw snapped the jaw dropping image from the renowned Seilebost beauty spot on the Isle of Harris on Wednesday.

June, a retiree from Elie, Fife, was amazed by the sight and captured the incredible picture on her Samsung S10e phone camera.

(C) Jude Whitelaw

The stunning snap shows the sky filled with fluffy grey clouds that have merged into the orange glow from the sun setting.

The glow from the sunset has reflected on the clear turquoise water in front.

The image captured the sun setting directly in the middle of the island of Taransay – giving the impression of a volcano erupting.

June Whitelaw posted the amazing photo to Facebook yesterday writing: “Stunning sunset over Taransay last night.” 

The post has now collected over 1,000 likes and 200 shares with dozens of comments from Facebook users who were 

Jerry Delaney wrote: “Wow, it looks like a volcano erupting!”

Mandy Mckechnie wrote: “What a beautiful photo, I love the colours. 

“Very different.”

Bill Getty commented: “Spectacular photo, well done.”

Andrea McCorisken replied: “Wow! It looks like the sky is on fire!”

Speaking today, June said: “I hoped throughout yesterday that the cloud formations might result in a beautiful sunset but then the weather closed in and it looked highly unlikely.

(C) Jude Whitelaw

“Suddenly at 22.10 the heavy cloud cover diffused and we sprinted up the hill (in the car!) to the famous Seilebost lay-by where I clambered over the fence and slightly downhill to capture the moment.

“I was blown away by the wonder of nature.

“It looked like an erupting volcano. 

“The stunning sunsets especially over Taransay are part of what I love about Harris. 

“Also the beautiful scenery, the azure blue crystal clear sea, the white beaches with their beautiful shells, the wildlife, the peace and solitude and not forgetting the wonderful people who live here.”

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