Mary Poppins gets Scottish makeover by Tartan Army fans


A MARY Poppins statue has been given a Scottish makeover by Tartan Army fans.

An image shows how the fictional nanny statue in Leicester Square in London has been given two new accessories – a cone and Scotland scarf.

Scotland fans paid tribute in a similar sense to many statues across Scotland by placing a yellow wet floor cone on top of the magical Disney character’s head.

Mary Poppins with Scottish Bottle | Scottish News
The renowned Disney character was snapped wearing a yellow cone as a hat and a blue Scotland scarf. (C) Thomas Gourlay

A blue, white and red Scotland national team scarf was draped around Ms Poppins – securing her as another member of the Tartan Army.

Footie fan Thomas Gourlay, 46, captured the image after travelling with his pal Lloyd Gebbie, 19, to London from Glasgow for today’s highly anticipated match.

Thomas posted the hilarious photo to Facebook last night writing: “Right who did this to Mary Poppins?” 

The post has now collected over 600 likes, with dozens of comments from Facebook users who were 

One user wrote: “Oh yes sir, Mary can boogie, but she needs a certain song. Oh yes sir Mary can boogie all night long.”

Whilst another said : “A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down.”
One user commented: “If she plays her cards right she will get a poke of chips and a walk hame tonight.”

Facebook user reacts to Mary Poppins makeover | Scottish News
Facebook users loved the statues new fashion sense.

Whilst another added: “This is beautiful.”

Scots artist, Wee Skribbles, also shared the image to social media today, writing: “‘Just a spoonful of Scotland helps the tournament go on, in the most delightful way!’”

Speaking today Thomas said: “We just wandered on Leicester Square and it was carnage. 

“We laughed our heads off, typical Scots fans.

“We knew it was going to be a good day.”

The Mary Poppins statue was constructed in Leicester Square in February 2020.

The statue was created amongst other well recognised film and television characters including Paddington Bear, Mr. Bean and Laurel and Hardy.