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EntertainmentHilarious video shows Scots grandad getting trapped inside a sun lounger

Hilarious video shows Scots grandad getting trapped inside a sun lounger

A HILARIOUS video shows a Scots grandad getting trapped inside a sun lounger while trying to get up for a drink. 

Glenn Smith was sunbathing with his wife Janet outside his son’s house in Irvine, North Ayrshire last month when he found himself swallowed up by the chair.

CCTV shows the 67-year-old, from Dunlop, East Ayrshire, enjoying the sunshine in a slabbed garden before shuffling his chair forward as he attempts to stand up.

The retired Scot can be seen rocking himself forward in a bid to get out but the motion causes the chair to start closing back together.

Glenn looks towards his wife and starts laughing for a moment as he remains squashed inside the sun lounger.

But disaster immediately strikes when the pensioner pushes back down on the arms rests to open the chair back out, causing the chair to fall backwards.

Glenn’s feet can be seen flapping around as the whole chair plummets backwards towards the ground.

The sunbathing Scot can be heard shouting “oh, my f*****g head” as he cracks his head on the wall of the house.

Janet, 64, bursts out laughing before jumping out her chair to check on Glenn who thankfully was left uninjured by the fall.

The Scots gran quickly called son Graeme in fits of laughter who logged into his CCTV while on holiday to watch the whole incident unfold.

Graeme, 29, and his wife Ellie, 28, looked back on their CCTV footage as soon as they came home so they could watch the whole incident unfold themselves.

Speaking today HGV driver Graeme said: “They were staying at mine 
looking after the cats and dog while I was on holiday and they were just chilling out.

“Me my wife and the kids were on holiday and my mum called us laughing like mad telling us what happened and by chance the CCTV in the back garden caught it all.

Glenn Smith fall - Viral News Scotland
The fall was captured on CCTV.

“He was chilling out with my mum in the sun and he needed a drink so tried to get up to get one but the seat wouldn’t recline back.

“As he tried and tried to get it to recline back down, it folded him into a sandwich.

“Then as that happened he tried to get out of it and fell right back. 

“Me, my wife and the kids were up north and my mum phoned us laughing like mad telling us what happened and we said give us a minute we will log in and check CCTV and it caught it all.” 

Glenn Smith Deckchair - Viral News Scotland
Glenn cracked his head off the side of the house.

The footage was shared on TikTok by Graeme’s wife Ellie earlier this month and quickly went viral with almost 10million views and 750,000 likes.

Harry Turner said: “It’s the little leg kicks as he goes down for me.” 

Kev Blundell joked: “Mad man is sunbathing in jeans and a polo.” 

Lprezzo added: “Hope he is okay but this has me cracking up.” 

Kate Burke said: “I love the way the lady makes no attempt to help him at all.” 

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