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NewsChippy boss batters customers who complain about food

Chippy boss batters customers who complain about food

CHIP shop customers have been verbally battered by the owner after criticising his cuisine online.

The chippy boss of the Lake District takeaway told one customer to “f*** yourself” and called another a “dropout t**t”.

The owner of the Old Smithy, Ambleside, Cumbria, known only as Gary, enjoys a solid 3.8 star rating out of 5 based on 196 Google Reviews. 

Review questioning the Chippy owner's hygiene
One review brought into question the hygiene of “Gary”.

 And customers who leave good reviews regularly receive courteous replies.

But recent hilarious exchanges posted online show Gary filleting dissenting customers.

Stephen Banks recently complained: “Used to be a great place to eat but changed owners a few years ago, run by father and ignorant son, terrible service by both of them.  
“Go to The Walnut around the corner for better service and better food.” 
An incandescent Gary hit back: “Go and f*** yourself Stephen.
“Don’t come in my shop again EVER, got it?”
He signed off: “Regards, The ignorant t**t, Gary.”
Customer Kyle Cullen also felt the full ferocity of Gary when he posted last month: “Found the customer services appalling we wanted bater (sic) sausages and was out right told they would not do that.” 

Gary responded: “Firstly Kyle go back to school and learn how to spell you drop out t**t.
“You wanted battered sausage and were told very politely that no sorry we just had plain sausages and we were too busy or it was closing time.
“So you can take your unbattered sausage and stick it right up your a**e.”
He added: “Regarding your appalling customer service comment we always respond to f***s like you within four hours.
“Regards Gary.
“P.S. f**k off elsewhere in future.”
The row between Gary and some of his customers was rumbling on yesterday.

James Wetherell wrote: “Don’t know what’s worse, the fish or Gary’s hygiene. 
“Both smell out of date. 
“Chips were undercooked.”
An exasperated Gary replied: “Not another undercooked comment f*** me. 
“Overcooked, undercooked, I’ve only been frying fish and chips for nearly 20 years.

The Old Smithy, Ambleside
The Old Smithy is a fish and chip shop in Ambleside.

“I give up, I’m just f****** idiot, I can’t fry a chip eh?
“Regards Gary.
“P.S. I really could do with some good reviews.”

This is not the first time customers have felt the wrath of an offended takeaway or restaurant owner.

Two years ago Oriental Express, a Chinese Takeaway in Springburn, Glasgow, went viral for a “sassy” response to a review saying their ribs were “too fatty”.

A review left by “Paul” said: “Food arrived 30 minutes late.

“The ribs were the fattiest ribs I had ever had.”

And the takeaway replied: “Yeah we will make sure all the pigs go to Slimming World before being served thanks again.”

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