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Scots pub criticised for not offering to put sunscreen on punters

A SCOTS pub has been receiving bizarre reviews on TripAdvisor for not offering to put sunscreen on punters.

Two pub-goers took to the reviewing website last week to complain about getting sunburnt whilst at the beer garden in Malones Irish Bar in Glasgow.

The two reviews, which were left by two separate Edinburgh visitors, lambasted staff for not telling them that they were burning or offering sunscreen.

Malones Irish Bar Glasgow - Food and Drinks News Scotland
Malones put out a Facebook post saying the reviews must be “a laugh”.                                                     (C) Google Maps

After reading the reviews, Malones yesterday issued a warning to customers stating that sun cream is not provided.

They also stated that they were unsure whether the reviews were left as a joke but gave further advice to future customers that “if it rains, you may get wet”.

The first TripAdvisor review, left by user MaxLuther1988 last Thursday, read: “I love a pint.

“I love an Irish Bar.

“I love a beer garden.

MaxLuther Malones suncream review- Food and Drink News Scotland
One reviewer said his arms “look like drumsticks”.

“What I don’t love is, when the bar staff keep serving me pints, in the roasting sun, and don’t advise me to cover up, or offer me sun cream!

“I’m this day and age, you’d expect the staff to offer such services!

“I am furious! I cannot express my rage….My face is red with anger, and sunburn, and my arms look like drumsticks!

“I won’t be back anytime soon.” 

A second review, left just a day later by user Carebear77, wrote: “Bar staff don’t offer sunscreen. 

“I sat in the beer garden for four hours and ended up badly burned. 

“But not a word was said, nor the offer of them putting sun cream on for me. 

“I won’t be back anytime soon.” 

Malones posted screenshots of the reviews on Facebook yesterday, writing: “We always love a review but don’t really know how to respond to this. 

“Think it’s someone having a laugh. But just to make sure.

“We would like to let all our customers know that on the roof if it rains you may get wet. If it’s sunny you may get burnt.

“We do not supply sun cream.” 

Carebear77 Malones suncream review - Food and Drink News Scotland
Carebear77’s review says staff didn’t offer to put suncream on him.

The pub’s post now has over 1,000 likes and over 100 comments from followers.

Megan Irvine said: “They’re from Edinburgh. Says it all…” 

Alex Clarke commented: “I was in there last week and nobody told me that I could get drunk from downing too many pints. 

“Now I have a public indecency charge for which I blame Malones. Two stars.”

Drea Owens wrote: “Even nursery, school don’t give out sun cream, you have to buy your own so take responsibility for sitting in the sun too long.”

Zoe Anderson suggested: “Send them each a bag of Drumstick Squashies as a sorry?”

And Laura Somerville added: “Howling at these reviews.”

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