Postie delivers fan mail to Neil Oliver with hand-painted portrait instead of address


A POSTIE has managed to deliver fan mail to Neil Oliver with an incredible hand-painted portrait of the Scots historian instead of an address.

Over recent months, 54-year-old Oliver has shared bizarre and quirky letters which Royal Mail has managed to decode and deliver straight to his home in Stirling.

Last night he shared one of his most recent letters, that he described as “an absolute belter”, with his 100,000 Twitter followers.

Neil Oliver painted letter | Scottish News
The only location written on the letter was “Stirling, Scotland”.                                                         (C) Neil Oliver Twitter

The envelope included a water painted image of the BBC Coast and Vikings presenter accompanied by “This Gentleman” handwritten in black ink.

The amazing portrait shows Neil with his recognisable long dark hair, wearing a blue shirt and sporting a sizable dark moustache.

The only other details that assisted the impressive artwork were the words: “ Stirling, Scotland.” 

Oliver posted a photograph of the letter to Twitter yesterday writing: “An absolute belter. Love this!” 

The post has now collected over 4,400 likes with hundreds of retweets and comments from users who were impressed by the artwork. 

@thecoastguy said: “Fabulous! What a great Post Office you have. Not difficult to recognise who it is though?

“You are becoming a legend. You are one of their greatest assets. I Love listening to you.”

@phmjackson wrote: “When are Royal Mail going to issue a Neil Oliver stamp? Fully deserved.”

@m_copus commented: “I think this is my favourite so far!”

@NSR_Stevenson replied: “Brilliant, what a nice and kind talent.” 

Neil Oliver painted letter | Scottish News
Instead of an address the letter had a stunning water painting of the Scottish historian.                     (C) Neil Oliver Twitter

Oliver is now so famous that if followers want to get a letter to him, they only need to write his name and Scotland on the front of the envelope.

Earlier this year, Oliver tweeted about how he was “impressed” after his postie delivered a handwritten letter that was merely addressed to: “You know the chap…” followed by the broad area of Stirling.

The broadcaster shared images in March showing how a parcel had come through his door which stated: “Long haired Scottish chap.

“Looks a bit like Dave Grohl these days, knows about old stuff.

“Got a postman that looks double hard, probably wears shorts all year.”

“Somewhere near Stirling, Scotland.”