Bagpiper told to “please consider taking a day off” after tormenting locals


A BAGPIPER has been told to “please consider taking a day off” after tormenting locals by practicing daily in a local park. 

A fed up student put up a handwritten sign at Petersham Park in Sydney, Australia, after feeling that the practice was too much for locals. 

The handwritten message pleaded with the amateur piper to take a break from playing the iconic Scottish instrument after practicing for eight days straight.

The note begging the bagpiper to stop | Scottish Music News
The year 12 student wasn’t sure how much more they could take.                                                           (C) Bret Pattman

Despite being polite and acknowledging that people have been using music as a creative outlet during lockdown, the local said they didn’t know how much more they could take. 

The handwritten sign was photographed taped to a fence today by a local who had also experienced days of listening to the loud piper.

The local, who was at the end of their tether from the tunes, also took the time to draw a set of red and green bagpipes at the bottom of the poster.

The note read: “Dear Bagpiper,

“I understand lockdown is hard and we all need a creative outlet. 

“However, it’s been eight days and I’m not sure how much more bagpiping I can take. 

“Please consider taking a day off now and then, it would be greatly appreciated. 

“Sincerely, a struggling year 12 student.” 

At the end, next to the image of the pipes, read: “If you play this instrument, this note is for you.”

Local man Brett Patman shared the hilarious note to Facebook this morning, writing: “Since we went into lockdown a month ago, a local resident has decided to take up the bagpipes, practicing on a daily basis in the park next door, presumably because his family banned him from doing it in the house. 

“This popped up in the park today.”

The post has now collected hundreds of likes with Facebook users who sympathised with the note.

Petersham Park where the bagpiper played | Scottish Music News
The anonymous piper played almost everyday in Petersham Park in Sydney, Australia. (C) Google Maps

Raye Nascence said: “Somehow I feel like this one is actually pretty popular with the neighborhood.”

To which Brett replied: “It’s definitely popular with me that’s for sure.”

Fern Gray said: “I’m not sure how much more bagpiping I can take.”

Harry Trotman wrote: “There was a bagpiper who used to practise the other side of a big footy field from my old place but it was unbelievably loud still.” 

Tabitha Pawlicki said: “Wait, I think I have a friend nearby you.

“They just complained about being able to hear bagpipes and they hoped they weren’t going crazy lmao.”

But Ryan James said: “Let the piper play!”