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Social media users bemused over B&M bottle of tomato ketchup

SOCIAL media users have been left bemused after an image surfaced of a bizarre Heinz tomato ketchup bottle filled with sauce sachets.

The bottle contains just 15 sachets of the well known sauce, with many users opposed to buying the £1.79 product when sachets can often be found for free.

Some users have also criticised Heinz for unnecessarily using excessive plastic packaging.

Tomato ketchup bottle that was found in B&M - UK and World News
The bottle was found in a B&M store.                                                                                      Credit: @19Donna91/Reddit

The sachet packages can be found on sale in B&M stores around the United Kingdom.

One image shows the see through bottle with a white label with two tomatoes on the front.

Above the tomato’s are the words “tomato sauce” in large black capitals.

Inside the the bottle there are multiple red sachets of Heinz Tomato Ketchup sauce, similar to those you would expect to find in a chip shop or takeaway.

@ill_tonkso took to Twitter last month to confront Heinz over their use of the plastic container, writing: “Surely in the world we’re living in now, where we’re trying to reduce plastic waste, this idea should never have left the idea phase?”

There were plenty of bottles on the shelf - UK and World News
The bottle offers fifteen packets.                                                                                             Credit: @ill_tonkso/Twitter

To which @HeinzUK replied: “Hi Daniel, Heinz’s overall aim is for 100% of its packaging to be recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025 and we are continually working on our varieties and packaging to ensure they are the best they can be.

“Heinz supports the move toward a circular economy and aims to make 100% of its packaging globally recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025.

“In some instances the most convenient format for our consumers may include plastic. However, Heinz is part of WRAP UK’s plastics pact, a collaborative initiative that brings together businesses with NGOs and the UK government to proactively tackle the issue of plastic waste.”

@19Donna91 also shared the product to Reddit on Wednesday, writing: “In B&M, suck my plums.”

The post has now collected over 700 likes with hundreds of comments from users who were bemused by the product.

Reddit users questioned who was to blame - UK and World News
This post stuck up for Heinz.                                                                                                       Credit: @Robinoo/Reddit

@This_is-not_real replied: “20p a sachet/’portion’ an all. They’re free in Wetherspoons if you just chuck 40 of them in your bag. F*** that.

@Robinoo suggested: “I don’t think this is Heinz’s fault. B&M have been trying to get rid of loads of catering stock that should’ve been used during the lockdowns.

“They’ve been trying to shift these sauce packets for months.

“Somebody has had the idea to put them in a big useless plastic bottle to try and get rid of the sachets.”

@Oilfreeeggs remarked: “Expensive and unnecessary plastic. I don’t even know why someone would think this is a good idea.”

@Saw_Boss added: “Actual bottles of Heinz ketchup are cheaper and contain more ketchup.”

@Warpsplitter also said: “Enough sauce for six chips in that.”

@Blackhawk2479 wrote: “Plastic issue aside, this has to be the most pointless food product ever, surely?”

This is not the first time that B&M have found themselves in a social media palaver as over lockdown they launched ranges including toilet night lights and doggie peanut butter.

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