Bar worker stunned after claiming boss gave him final pay in 5 cent coins


A BAR worker was left stunned after claiming he was paid his final wage in a mayonnaise bucket full of five cent coins which weighed nearly 30KG.

Rian Keogh was collecting his last pay packet from Alfies on South William Street in Dublin on Tuesday where he claims he found his boss had paid him in coppers.

Pictures posted to Twitter by Rian stunned social media users at his boss’s actions, with some urging him to report the boss.

Bucket of five cent coins - UK and World News
Rian’s final pay was given to him in five cent coins.                                                                                           (C) Twitter

Rian posted the text exchange to Twitter with his old manager writing to him: “Is it okay If I pay you cash next Tuesday? Didn’t retain your bank details so is cash okay bro?”

Rian responded: “Cash is grand, but I really need it as soon as possible. Tomorrow would even be fine but I can’t go without it much longer, cheers.”

The bar manager then replies: “Like I said, I’ll have every cent ready for you on Tuesday.”

A week later Rian texts the boss: ” What time can I come in today?”

To which he is told: “Money is at the front door ready for you now.”

And upon arriving, he was left flabbergasted by a massive Hellman’s mayonnaise bucket rammed full of coppers. 

Rian weighed the bucket of spare change later, with it coming in at a whopping 29.8KG.

Rian posted the images to Twitter on Tuesday with the caption: “If anyone wants to know what it was like to work in Alfies on South William Street just know after chasing my last pay for weeks I finally got it but in a bucket of five cent coins.”

The tweet now has over 14,700 likes, with over 600 people commenting on the cruel pub prank. 

@goodgod67 said: “There are so many good employers out there, why would you put up with this? 

“Report, report, report to the proper authorities, not Twitter. Don’t let others have to go through the same.”

weight of coin bucket - UK and World News
The coin bucket weighed just under 30 kilograms.                                                                                            (C) Twitter

@DerekChapels commented: “I’d go back in and spend it there!” 

@Clonrf replied: “Did you do anything to deserve this treatment? It would have to be pretty bad.”

@CorryEamon added: “I imagine he is struggling to find staff like a lot of places around the country. 

“Hopefully this post is seen far and wide so potential employees see it and avoid the place.”

Alfies have declined to comment on the matter.