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Make mine a Guinness: Hilarious video shows alcohol free bar devoid of customers at Dublin Airport

A HILARIOUS VIDEO shows the supposed ‘easiest job’ in Ireland after a holidaymaker captured an alcohol-free bar with no customers.

Paul James had travelled from Australia to the Emerald Isle for an unforgettable break and was at Dublin Airport preparing to fly home.

The 35-year-old captured the clip as he waited in Dublin Airport ahead of his flight back home down under last week.

The tourist is sat across from the bar which is situated in the middle of one of the airport’s terminal buildings.

His clip begins with Paul zooming his camera into the large blue zero which is embossed with writing stating ‘alcohol free bar’.

The bar is set up to accommodate passengers in their droves however there isn’t a single patron at the bar.

Instead, the barmaid is filmed sat on her phone with her feet up appearing at ease on her shift waiting for anyone who fancies an alcohol-free Guinness.

Paul shared his hilarious clip online last week with the caption: “If you were wondering what is the easiest gig in Ireland.”

The video has received over 60,000 likes with hundreds of comments from social-media users who claimed the unknown barmaid was in a ‘dream job’.

One TikTok user wrote: “Absolute dream job.”

Another commented: “She knew fine what job she was applying for.”

A third replied: “Literally went through Dublin the other day and it was the exact same. Who puts an alcohol free bar in Ireland?”

Another wrote: “What’s next? Library with no books?”

One user said: “I thought they meant the alcohol is free.”

Speaking today Paul said: “My partner and I were doing some souvenir shopping at the store next door and I happen to look over and see the bar.

“My reaction was that it was quite amusing and ironic that an alcohol free bar in Ireland was completely empty and the server (whom I don’t want to get in trouble) was looking bored.

“I asked the guy in the souvenir shop if he ever sees anyone go in there and he said he never noticed.”

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