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Rural getaway up for sale on remote corner of Scots isle…a rusty shack for an eye-watering £150k

A SCOTS rural getaway is up for sale on a remote corner of the Isle of Harris – but it’s a rusty shack costing an eye-watering £150k.

The asking price will buy potential owners serene ocean views and Harris’ rolling countryside on their doorstep, but a bigger budget will be needed to make the battered building habitable.

The one-bedroom property, which resembles a makeshift dwelling found on the slopes of the Antarctic, could be mistaken for a bothy.

However, despite its extremely remote location, the property still sits on a street dotted with a few other houses, and a bus stop around the corner for the small settlement of Hushinish.

Hebrides property
The tiny semi-detached shack is advertised at £150k

Listed for sale on property website Zoopla, images show the property’s unrivalled view of the turquoise-coloured Atlantic and its close proximity to a tranquil bay with fine-grained sand.

Not a soul can be seen in the images, creating the idea that any would-be owners could have almost exclusive access to the picturesque bay on their back door.

Despite its surroundings, the interior is much less lavish – images show small rooms lined with dirty white panels which appear to be streaked with black marks.

The kitchen is shy of modern features, boasting only a very ancient-looking sink, a stovetop kettle, and a microwave hidden beneath a basic worktop.

A storage cupboard is pictured with the panelling actually missing from the ceiling whilst the bedroom is a slight improvement, with a wardrobe and panelling in better condition than elsewhere.

Listed on Zoopla by Derek Mackenzie Solicitors & Estate Agent, the property is described as a “once in a lifetime” renovation project.

It reads: “On the stunning white sandy beach of Hushinish on the Isle of Harris, we are delighted to welcome to the market this unique and once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase this one bedroom, renovation project, ‘Tin House’.

“The semi-detached property is in need of full renovation and home report exempt although it certainly is an excellent opportunity for those looking to escape to a beautiful, remote and quiet area of Harris to a holiday home by the sea.”

The property was spotted by one eager house-hunter, who shared it to social media on Wednesday with the caption: “Anyone want a rusty tin shed in the Hebrides?

“Looks like something Shackleton built on a ice floe – only 150 grand!”

The post has since received dozens of likes and comments from users who shared their thoughts on the home and its enviable location.

One user joked: “Looks like a secret agent’s safe location for hiding off grid when the big bad is after them”

Another quipped: “I don’t imagine I could get a Maccy’s Deliveroo-ed to me.”

A third reasoned: “This would be hell on earth in the winter time. I wouldn’t give you £50 for it. Pretty doesn’t mean practical!”

Another said: “For that view and beach, hell yeah!”

A fifth added: “It’s semi-detached. I would love to live somewhere that remote but this sort of defeats the point”.

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