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TikTok star left stunned after receiving Chelsea kit with Manchester United star on the back

A TIKTOK fitness guru was left stunned after he forked out for a variety of football kits from an online shop – only to be given a Chelsea shirt with a Manchester United player on the back.

James Doyle from Dublin, Ireland ordered the 11 shirts for just £3.50 each online from a website called Pandabuy.

The social media star opted to then pay an additional £1.75 to have a name and number printed on the back of his shirt haul.

When the shirts arrived, James opted to film himself doing an unboxing video to capture his authentic surprise at the kits he received.

The video begins with James unpacking the items saying: “I brought eleven mystery jerseys at €4 a pop, now I could have got them for €2 but for an extra €2 quid you can get someone’s name in the back, then again I don’t know who’s name is on the back – I could just have some random f***ing g***e.

“For all I know they could’ve gave me a Rangers top with McClean on the back, they might just be bad ba*****s.

“I was given quality check photos on all of these, however I obviously did not look at them because I wanted it to be a surprise.”

He then opens the first packet which contains a Real Madrid home shirt, he says: “Jersey number one, Real Madrid, and it looks pretty good, it looks pretty snazzy.”

He then poses in Jude Bellingham’s celebratory stance and shouts “Bellinggoal, Bellinggoal” and then begins flexing his biceps in the jersey and adds: “Wham.”

James also recieves a Liverpool away strip with Roberto Firmino number nine on the back, he says: “These are the ones that I have the name on the back for.”

He then turns the kit around to reveal the Firmino customised kit and adds: “Oh, that’s depressing, although it’s still a really cool top and with the name on the back – poor old Bobby, you wouldn’t miss him a bit would’ya?”

The next kit that comes out of the package shocks the well-known TikToker who’s best known for his gym videos as he reveals a Chelsea shirt.

However, as he drops the back of the kit James is left shocked by the name on the back of the kit as it belongs to a current Manchester United footballer – Marcus Rashford.

James says: “Next up is a Chelsea kit and who do we get on the back? Ra -?”

He spins the shirt around to the camera to showcase the back which reads ‘Rashford’ and number ten.

The Irishman laughs and asks “Why did they stick Rashford on the back of a Chelsea jersey? I will look like some f***ing numpty, Rashford?”

He later unpacks a Chelsea shirt which this time is correctly printed with a current member of the Chelsea squad – their number five Enzo Fernandez.

James responds: “Another duplicate unfortunately, we have Chelsea again – okay Enzo Fernandez, right that’s fine.”

The haul also includes a Brazil international team concept shirt, as well as the international shirts of Ghana, and a women’s Germany international shirt with Kimmich on the back.

He also gets given a duplicate Bellingham Real Madrid shirt, an AC Milan long-sleeve, another Liverpool away jersey and a PSG Marco Verratti shirt as well as a surprising Manchester United polo shirt.

James Doyle showcasing his Marcus Rashford Chelsea shirt. Credits: TikTok.

The video was uploaded to social media yesterday with the caption: “Don’t know when Rashford started playing for Chelsea but we move.”

The post has been liked by over 130,000 social media users as well as receiving more than 500 comments.

One user wrote: “Rashford to Chelsea here we go.”

Another commented: “Lad you have a Pandabuy problem just saying.”

One replied: “You should play rugby if you don’t.”

Another said: “Those names are gonna be absolutely peeling.”

A fifth said: “Bro has unlimited jerseys at this point.”

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