Cloudsoft “deepens its relationship” with Amazon web services


SCOTTISH IT firm Cloudsoft says it has deepened its relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The Edinburgh-based firm has been being named as an AWS launch partner for its Service Management Connector for ServiceNow.

Service Management Connector for ServiceNow enables the latter’s end users to provision, manage, and operate AWS resources natively through its platform.

This allows users to utilise pre-approved, secure, and governed AWS resources through AWS Service Catalog as well as execute automation playbooks through AWS Systems Manager, amongst many other capabilities.

Ross Gray, CEO, Cloudsoft

Cloudsoft assists AWS with the installation and customisation of its Service Management Connector for ServiceNow.

The company is also working with AWS on a Connector for JIRA environments.

This includes tying in with new and existing workflows as well as assisting with creating custom views and tables.

AWS Service Management Connector benefits from high adoption levels, supporting millions of resources per year for global telecoms, aviation, and oil and gas organisations.

Cloudsoft is already an AWS Strategic Partner and has been engaged with the organisation for several years.

MaSonya Scott at AWS said: “Having worked with the team and getting to grips with the highly skilled work Cloudsoft provides for its wider client base from both a technical and strategic perspective, we were impressed with the deep domain expertise they held.”

Ross Gray, CEO of Cloudsoft, said: “The ability to streamline and integrate cloud provisioning with IT service management platforms is a must.

“Given the volume of resources that big enterprise organisations must process every day, requires a robust connector to establish and maintain the link between the two.”

Gray added: “The AWS Service Management Connector for ServiceNow does just that.

“Being involved and named as a launch partner will particularly boost our business and we are proud to have been called upon by AWS to support this as well as support their customers during the installation process.”

Earlier this year, Cloudsoft announced high double-digit growth in revenue across both strands of its businesses: AMP and Tempo.

Cloudsoft helps businesses reduce complexity around IT through software and consulting services business strands.

AMP is a Gartner-recognised Digital Platform Conductor software tool designed for companies with complex hybrid IT environments to help them strategically manage critical applications and ensure continual resilience.

Through its consulting services arm, Tempo, the company supports clients on a faster journey through digital transformation by exploiting the benefits of the public cloud.