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Mum who used to drink five bottles of Lucozade a day drops nine stone

A MUM-OF-ONE has lost over nine stone after being “mortified” when looking back at photographs of herself on a dream family holiday.

Laila Aboushakra flew to Florida in May 2019 to fulfill a lifelong dream of swimming with dolphins and booked a professional photographer to capture the moment. 

However, when the 37-year-old received her pictures back, she said she could barely recognise herself in the photographs.

Laila now in 2022 after losing nine stone
Laila lost nine stone through a change in her diet and exercise.                                                    Credit: Laila Aboushakra

The Liverpudlian’s weight had spiralled up to 25 stone after eating takeaways almost every second day of the week.

She also used to drink up to five bottles of Lucozade daily but hadn’t noticed the weight slowly creeping up.

After seeing her holiday photographs, Laila was spurred on to change her diet and get fit.

Now, after losing over nine stone, Laila has launched her own personal training business and hopes to help others reach their fitness goals.

Laila at Discovery Cove, Orlando
This picture mortified Laila and led to her losing nine stone.                                                         Credit: Laila Aboushakra

Speaking today, Laila said: “I went to Florida in May 2019 and my dream came true swimming with dolphins in Discovery Cove.

“The professional picture we got back I was mortified to see how I got myself in that state as I had never been that person before.

“I was always in denial. I knew I should lose the weight even the doctors told me I needed too. I hated people taking pictures of me.

“So I decided when I came back from Florida it was time to change for good. I wanted to make sure I live longer to see my daughter grow in adulthood and do things with her life.”

Laila, who would eat four slices of white toast for breakfast, started completely changing her eating habits.

She now prepares her meals in advance and has swapped sugary, fizzy drinks with three litres of water per day.

In December, Leila launched her own training business and has set her sights on gaining a boxing coaching qualification.

Laila added: “I used to have too many portions of things, I did eat a lot of takeaways every other day and would just pick all day.

“I’ve gone from four to five bottles of Lucozade a day to three litres of bottle of water a day.

“It is about living longer, I wasn’t going to live till old age if I didn’t sort myself out.

“I wasn’t going to live to see my daughter grow and do amazing things with her life. Health is wealth.

“I was 25 stone and now I am 14 stone but I am not finished.”

The inspiring mum posted images showing her transformation on Facebook and has since been inundated with positive comments. 

One comment said: “Some will power that well done.”

Another said: “Amazing transformation.”

A third added: “Well done Laila Aboushakra, good for you mate made up for you, you look fab.”

A fourth said: “You look amazing now.”

Another said: “Well done – amazing.”

A final comment said: “Wow. You look amazing. Well done.”

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