Friday, August 12, 2022
Top StoriesQueen's Guard pays tribute to Meat Loaf with rendition of hit song

Queen’s Guard pays tribute to Meat Loaf with rendition of hit song

AN AMAZING video shows the Queen’s Guard paying tribute to Meat Loaf by playing a rendition of I’d do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That).

Jason Wood captured the touching moment outside Buckingham Palace on Sunday after the hit singer passed away on Thursday, aged 74.

Crowds gathered to watch the Band of the Grenadier Guards whilst they played one of the singer’s most popular songs. 

The video shows the marching band playing outside Buckingham Palace through the surrounding black and gold fences. 

Members of the public gathered tightly around the fence to catch a glimpse of the band wearing dark grey coats alongside their signature bearskin hats. 

Fans remained silent as they listened intently to the performance of Meat Loaf’s 1993 smash hit that has more than 129 million streams on Spotify.

Jason, 50, shared the video on Facebook on Sunday, writing: “Queen’s Guards (sic) this morning tribute to Meat Loaf.”

The post has now collected over 77,000 likes and 175,000 shares from viewers who were touched by the tribute. 

Emma Louise Donaldson said: “Made me a bit goosepimply did that.”

Catherine Louise said: “This is fabulous, a fitting tribute!”

Nick Leeson said: “Awesome, rest in peace Meat Loaf.”

Carol Davies said: “That’s amazing.”

Lisa Woolnough said: “Fabulous, I hope his family get to see it.” 

The Queen's Guard's tribute to Meat Loaf
The marching band recited I’d do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That).

Speaking today, trainee HGV driver Jason said: “We are from Castleford and went to London for an extended birthday weekend. 

“On Sunday we were in two minds whether to go to Buckingham Palace first or elsewhere.

“We decided to go there but didn’t know it was the changing of the guard.

“We arrived outside Buckingham Palace and there was a lot of activity, police and crowds. 

“We managed to get close to the gates and I filmed the band playing other music. 

“Then I heard the iconic Meat Loaf tune begin so I whipped my phone out. 

“I was trying to get the best camera angle but it was hard as there was a crowd and my fingers were freezing.

“It was amazing and I had goosebumps watching them.” 

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