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Dog owner pleads for help to get beloved puppy life-saving surgery

A DESPERATE dog owner has pleaded for help to save her beloved puppy who can only walk while dragging her back legs along.

Jessica Broomfield was shocked earlier this month when her French bulldog Phoenix was struck down by a debilitating spinal condition.

The puppy who is just seven months old is now paralysed from the waist down, has lost the use of her hind legs and now requires a crucial operation to save her life.

Phoenix the French bulldog
Phoenix requires a life-saving operation. Credit: Facebook/Jessica Broomfield

Phoenix has also tragically lost the ability to use her bowels and bladder after her spine has grown malformed, affecting signals from the brain to the body.

The open chest surgery involves removing the bent area of the spine and replacing it with a straight implant in place, taking the pressure off her spinal cord.

Without the operation there is a potential for her whole body to become paralysed, leaving Jessica with no option but to euthanise her beloved pup.

Jessica, from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, now requires £6,800 for the treatment and has taken to GoFundMe as the neurological centre does not offer payment plans.

Sharing her story to GoFundMe on Monday, Jessica said: “Phoenix is a seven month old French Bulldog who has developed a spinal condition very suddenly.

“This has left Phoenix paralysed from the waist down and in urgent need of life saving surgery early next week due to the neurological affects it’s having on her.

“Phoenix’s spine has grown malformed and bends into her spinal cord which is affecting the signals from her brain to the rest of her body.

“Currently she has lost the use of her legs, bowels, bladder and it may continue to affect an unpredictable amount of her body with risk she may become completely paralysed and left with no choice but to be euthanised due to quality of life.

“The animal neurologists prognosis is that if she doesn’t receive surgery next week then the damage to her spinal cord may be irreversible.

“It has been an absolutely devastating seven days and I am staying hopeful that we can raise the funds to give Phoenix a chance at life.

“If anyone could donate towards Phoenix’s surgery and help to spread the word I would be extremely appreciative.”

Jessica has been inundated with over £2,800 in donations from well-wishers hoping to aid Phoenix.

Alice Clayton said: “I hope you get the money you need.”

Anthony Lowen said: “Please keep us posted. This breaks my heart, I hope all goes well.”

Becky Parker said: “I really hope you raise all the money for this beautiful little Frenchie.”

Megan Brennan said: “I really hope you raise the money you need, sending so much love.”

Paul Weston said: “All dogs deserve the chance of veterinary care.”

If you would like to donate to help Phoenix get her surgery you can do so by visiting here:

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