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NewsInternational windsurfer set to return to Loch Insh for masterclass

International windsurfer set to return to Loch Insh for masterclass

INTERNATIONAL windsurfer Islay Watson is set to run a special masterclass for young windsurfers at her home club at Loch Insh this weekend.

Members of the ‘Loch Insh MonstArs’ sports club are preparing to learn some tips and be introduced to the world of foiling.

Currently ranked second in the world within the IQ Foil Olympic Windsurfing class, Islay started her journey at Loch Insh in the Highlands of Scotland

Following on from an interview with RYA in 2020 regarding her successes, Watson said: “Hopefully I can continue to improve on these results in the future and keep working towards the end goal of a medal at the 2024 Olympics.”

Internal windsurfer in action
Islay Watson. Photo Credit © Sailing Energy / Princesa Sofía Mallorca 2022

Technology has moved to improve the underwater profile of boards and boats in recent years with high performance craft being lifted clear of the water using foils to radically improve speed.

The IQ Foil class has been selected for the next Olympic cycle and Scot’s Islay Watson and Andy Brown have been leading the way in international competition.

Islay Watson
Islay is hoping to continue her successes at the 2024 Olympics. Photo Credit: Martini Orsini 2021

The sport’s governing body, RYA Scotland, is set to invest within this technology and provide a series of youth IQ boards for use by clubs around the country for aspiring young windsurfers wanting to learn these new skills.

The class is set to take place on 23 April 2022 between 10 am – 4pm.

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