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Tradesman upcycles military ambulance used in Iraq war and turns it into campervan for road trips

A TRADESMAN has upcycled an emergency ambulance that was used in the Iraq war and turned it into a campervan for road trips.

Mark Norcliffe bought the battered military vehicle for just £6,000 from a farmer in 2019 after it was used in the 2003 – 2011 Iraq war to help injured soldiers.

The vehicle, known as Monty, still has shrapnel wounds on show after it hit an IED.

Interior of the van
The military ambulance has been refitted to host five people. Credit: Mark Norcliffe

Mark, 49, from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, decided to snap up the beige Land Rover TDI 300 and convert it into a campervan for tourists to hire out for £150-per-night.

The shrapnel ridden motorhome comes complete with a two hob cooker, a fridge freezer as well as a sink with running water.

Monty features a seated area as well a television, shower unit and toilet, completing the vehicles transformation from military ambulance to luxury transport.

Mark shared the unique rental on Facebook today, writing: “Fancy doing the NC500 in something a little different?

“Monty is a Battlefield Ambulance that has seen action in Iraq.

“He sleeps five and is heated with a shower, power steering and all mod cons.”

Monty was hit by an IED
Monty was struck by an IED while in Iraq. Credit: Mark Norcliffe

Speaking today, Mark said: “I bought the Land Rover from my window cleaner’s mate, he just had it in his yard and I knew I wanted to buy it and convert it.

“One of our first customers was a woman and at the end of the trip she was in tears because had enjoyed herself so much .

“Monty served in Iraq and actually was hit by an IED and has pieces of shrapnel still stuck in.

“We’ve cleaned him up and put clear resin in so at night you can actually see where the shrapnel has hit.

“Last year was busy but it was a short season due to COVID so this year we are hoping for a proper season.

“A lot of our customers repeat custom and we have had people take Monty out three times a year.”

The NC500 is a stretch of Scottish road around the North Coast which starts and ends at Inverness Castle.

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