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Top StoriesScots teacher reprimanded after admitting to bringing illegal drug to work

Scots teacher reprimanded after admitting to bringing illegal drug to work

A SCOTS teacher has been reprimanded after admitting to bringing an illegal drug to work.

Lee Watt was caught after a colleague spotted him putting a bag of white powder – believed to be cocaine – into his pocket in October 2020.

Watt, who taught modern studies at Glenwood High School in Glenrothes, Fife, was in a car with a vulnerable child when the incident happened.

He had been working with a colleague on a shift with Supporting Positive Paths, a service offered to children and adults with additional needs.

Lee Watt
Lee Watt.

The colleague reported to their employer that they spotted a packet of white powder in the back seat of their car after Watt stepped out.

He then put the small bag into his pocket after returning back to the vehicle and spotting it on the seat.

Following an internal investigation, Watt admitted to being in possession of the illegal drug but claimed it wasn’t his and he planned to dispose of it.

He said he found it at his house following a party with friends.

Watt apologised to his employer for the incident but was later sacked.

The General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) have now released documents showing that they issued Watt with a reprimand on his license for 12 months.

Watt, who now works for recruitment company Reed, signed the notice earlier this month, which read: “A Fitness to Teach Panel has decided to issue you with this reprimand following consideration of your case at a Panel Meeting on 20 October 2021.

“The reason for the panel’s decision is set out in a decision annex.

“By signing below, I Lee Watt, registration number 185401, declare that I have had the opportunity to seek advice from an independent legal representative on the terms and content of this consent order.

“I admit the below allegation(s) in full.

“On 13 October 2020, whilst at his place of employment, Supporting Positive Paths, it is alleged that the teacher had an illegal drug in his possession, during a shift.

“And in light of the above it is alleged that the teacher’s fitness to teach is impaired.

“I waive my right to further adjudication proceedings.

“I understand that a reprimand will be recorded against my entry in GTC Scotland’s Register for an aggregated period of 12 months from the date of receipt of the signed Order by the GTC Scotland.”

The teaching regulator said: “At the time, the teacher was employed by Supporting Positive Paths and was on shift work alongside a colleague, assisting with a young person.

Glenwood High school in Glenrothes, Fife.
Glenwood High school in Glenrothes, Fife.

“The teacher’s colleague reported to the employer having observed a packet of white powder which appeared to have been left by the Teacher on the back seat of the car when he exited the vehicle

“Upon his return to the car, the teacher was observed to have returned the packet of white powder to his pocket.

“Throughout the car journey, the teacher’s presence had been required to assist with the vulnerable young person, who was also present in the back seat.

“The colleague reported the matter to the employer who raised the issue with the teacher.

“The teacher admitted to having had the packet, confirming his belief that it was a drug of some form.

“Under explanation of events which led to his possession of the packet, the Teacher apologised for his behaviour. The teacher was dismissed from his employment.”

The incident was not reported to the police.

The GTCS decided Watt’s fitness to teach was impaired and decided to issue him with a reprimand.

On making their decision, they said: “The conduct constitutes an abuse of a position of trust.

“However, harm had not been caused to any child or young person.

“The teacher admitted the misconduct. Further, the teacher had reflected on the matter, had shown genuine remorse, and had taken steps to remediate.

“In particular, he had been candid with his employer. The issue represented an isolated incident and there had been no repetition since nor did the panel consider that there was a risk of recurrence.

“Having regard to the circumstances of the case and the factors referred to above, the panel considered that the appropriate and proportionate way of dealing with the teacher’s case was to issue the teacher with a reprimand.”

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