Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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Motorist in stitches after capturing man in his 60s performing impressive wheelie along street

A MOTORIST was left in stitches after capturing an elderly man performing a lengthy wheelie along the pavement while on his mobility scooter.

Andrew Millard could not believe his eyes when he spotted the man cruising past him in York city centre on Monday on his two right wheels.

Hilarious footage shows Andrew, 53, slowing down in traffic just as the thrill-seeking mobility scooter driver comes into shot on the pavement to the right.

Within a split second, the man, who appeared to be in his mid-late 60s, flips the electric vehicle onto just two wheels before casually driving along.

Welder Andrew thought at first that the incident was a mistake but quickly realised the driver was firmly in control of what he was doing.

The scooter continues to drift along the pavement before reaching a dip that he navigates with ease.

As he moves back up the dip, he momentarily sways from side-to-side but manages to regain his composure to carry on with the stunt.

He then makes his way around the corner, still on two wheels, before the clip ends.

The man took a bearth and then turned in on it causing a wheelie
The man took a berth and then turned in on it causing a wheelie.

Andrew shared the video on social media on Monday where it has attracted

Social media users were left impressed with the man’s skills on the scooter.

One said: “That is pretty awesome.”

Another commented: “Oh, a video from York.

“I saw that same nutter doing his two wheel trick on Lendal bridge a few days ago.”

A third wrote: “Looks a bit risky right next to the road, but well done.”

A fourth added: “What a stuntman does when he retires.”

While one viewer said: “That is pretty awesome.”

The man held the wheelie for over 30 seconds
The man held the wheelie for over 30 seconds.

Speaking today, Andrew said: “At first could not believe it.

“Then I watched the dashcam footage again at home and thought this guy is brilliant and good at it.

“So, I shared it as it is unusual to see a guy on two wheels on a mobility scooter.

“He sure made me laugh.

“I would say that he was in his mid-late 60’s.

“Other people have said that they often see him in York.”

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