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NewsHealthNHS worker sheds 6st in just eight months after leaving abusive relationship

NHS worker sheds 6st in just eight months after leaving abusive relationship

AN NHS worker lost more than a third of her body weight in the space of just eight months.

Rosie Sangster cut out meat, dairy products and certain carbs to bring her weight down from 15st to just 9st.

The 30-year-old from Islington, north London, said that a previous unstable relationship caused her weight to spiral over recent years.

However, after finally leaving the relationship she decided to focus on her health by changing her eating habits and making regular visits to the gym.

Rosie Sangster pictured before and after her weight loss journey.
Rosie pictured before and after her weight loss journey. (C) Rosie Sangster

In February 2021, Rosie started going to the gym three days a week and lost a staggering four stone in just three months.

Having reached 9st in December last year, Rosie has kept her weight steady for six months, even without going to the gym for two whole months.

Now Rosie tries to go to the gym where possible but praises fixing her metabolism and cutting out public transport for walks under 30 minutes.

Speaking today, Rosie said: “I was always on the slightly bigger side since about seven-years-old.

“I have a few mental health problems that were undiagnosed until later years which caused me to be a bit more vulnerable to weight gain.

“I ended up in a relationship with someone who I had been talking to on and off for about 10 years until I finally decided to give it a go.

“Everything was normal for about four months and started to go downhill from there.

“After I finally got out of that relationship and my friends saved me, everything changed.

“I cut out meat, dairy products and certain carbs. Bananas, tuna, avocado, egg and lots of veggies and fruits were my staple foods!

“I started to develop specific routines at the gym, going about three times a week to begin with.

“I lost four stone in the first three months and after that my metabolism changed.

“I was my biggest weight in February 2021, I was 15st.

“Since finally feeling happier I’ve been able to keep my routines going and am currently 9st.”

She added: “A lot of my health problems such as asthma and psoriasis have improved leaps and bounds since the weight loss.

“I feel like I have a complete new lease of life.

“I started going to the gym about three times a week, then I upped it to about four for around 30 mins to an hour a day for a good four or five months.

“Now I go when I can but before the past week I hadn’t gone in about two months because of fixing my metabolism and also cutting out public transport and walking everywhere that’s under a 30 mins journey.”

Rosie shared a video of her weight loss journey on TikTok yesterday, writing: “From 15st to 9st, it’s been a journey.

“And that’s escaping an emotionally abusive relationship.”

The video has now collected thousands of views and dozens of likes.

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