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PREVIEW – Mabel Thomas – Sugar

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MABEL Thomas’ comedy show, Sugar, debuts live at the fringe this year following a successful film only appearance last year.

What is the one talent your young self had? For 6-year-old Mae, it was hopping. Well, until it was not. 

This will be the first time Sugar is performed live after it's online success last year (imaged provided by Mabel Thomas)
This will be the first time Sugar is performed live after it’s online success last year (Image supplied with release credit Mabel Thomas)

To lose her title as fastest hopper was devastating. And, to make matters worse, she lost it to a boy. And, to add insult to the injury, he cheated. 

Of course, this injustice led to the lifelong burning desire to come out on top. 

Fringe comedy, sugar takes the audience through all of Mae’s first’s.

From her first kiss, to her first actual kiss with – who would have guessed – a girl, to her first experience as a sugar baby. 

The performance takes a look into victory and the context of discovering one’s female identity.

A journey that digs into the complexity of life’s stages in a world where crime and danger are at your fingertips. 

This performance is Mabel Thomas’ Fringe live debut and she has left the director role in her mother, Alum Sandy Thomas, hands.

The 23-year-old decided to invest her revenue from a successful year in the cryptocurrency market into this performance, making it her winner takes all bet on herself. 

The rookie holds an impressive career.

She graduated from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland last year and has won the Arnold Fleming scholarship (2019) and the Rosalyn Lipsey prize for outstanding comedic performance (2021).

Currently, she works at Film/TV in Atlanta, GA. 

You can enjoy Mae’s family affair at SpaceUK @ Surgeon’s Hall, Theatre 3 from the 5th of August. 

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