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EntertainmentHilarious video shows Scots comedian's cheeky review of Edinburgh

Hilarious video shows Scots comedian’s cheeky review of Edinburgh

A HILARIOUS video shows a Scots comedian’s cheeky review of Edinburgh that sees him sum the city up in just 90 seconds.

Lewis Walker, who is well-known for his reviews of Scottish cities, left fans in stitches with his latest review of the capital city.

The 28-year-old took to the streets of Edinburgh earlier this month, where he visited the city’s hotspots and provided a tongue-in-cheek review for those yet to visit.

Footage shows Lewis walking along Princes Street dressed in black with a cap and sunglasses as he addresses the camera.

He begins by joking: “Edinburgh, Scotland. Or, if you’re Scottish, you might know it as ‘£6 a pint? I’m no’ f***ing paying that.”

The video then shows Lewis walking past the Scott Monument as he continues: “If you ever fancy getting away from all the Scottish idiots, then come to Edinburgh.

“Be joined by all the idiots from around the world.”

The clip then cuts to a bagpiper playing in the Grassmarket area of Edinburgh’s Old Town, as Lewis jokes: “I f***ing love Westlife.”

Lewis then appears to be walking along Princes Street again as he adds: “If you’ve no’ been touched in a while, come down Princes Street and I guarantee somebody will be right up your a**e in eight seconds.”

The camera then shows Lewis walking the George IV Bridge, close to the Elephant Cafe, where author J.K. Rowling famously penned some of her Harry Potter series.

Lewis then says: “A young J.K. Rowling would go down to the Elephant Cafe, and found inspiration to write Harry Potter – and to get away from the Death Eaters and goblins that stay in the flat above.”

The camera then cuts again to show Lewis walking down the Royal Mile as he says: “If you don’t have any matters, then come to Edinburgh. Just bump into folk and no’ say please or thank you.”

The camera then shows Lewis standing in the Edinburgh Castle Esplanade, where dozens of empty seats can be seen ahead of August’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Lewis points to the castle as he says: “Edinburgh Castle is one of the most famous castles in the world, along with Castle Greyskull, Castle Furniture, Newcastle United and ‘Listen, mate, I’m wanting the castle’.”

Lewis Walker going walking through Princes Street.
Pictured: Lewis Walker going walking through Princes Street. (C) @lewiswalkerrr from TikTok/Deadline News

The camera then shows Bar Salsa, a bar located in Cowgatehead, as Lewis jokes: “This is Bar Salsa. If you’ve ever been here, then contact your local GP.”

The clip then cuts to show Lewis walking down the Royal Mile again.

He says cheekily: “Come to Edinburgh in August for the Fringe [Festival] and you’ll see men throwing blades and catching fire.”

He then quips: “Or just go to Glasgow any day of the week.”

He then says: “Arthur’ Seat was once an active volcano. That’s it. No joke.”

He looks at the camera seriously before joking: “Sometimes, it’s good to be factual. Educational. Dinnae believe me? Come and ‘lava’ look for yourself.”

The video then concludes with a walking tour in Grassmarket as Lewis jests: “Edinburgh has many walking tours. Someone walks around Edinburgh and makes up s**t. Imagine that.”

Lewis took to social media earlier this month to share the hilarious footage, writing: “A tour of Edinburgh, Scotland.”

The video received over 2,500 likes and dozens of comments as many shared their thoughts on the comedian’s brutal review.

One person joked: “Come to Edinburgh and meet folk from all corners of the planet…apart from actual Edinburgh.’”

Another said: “The most honest and factually accurate review out there.”

A third commented: “Love Bar Salsa……just never sit on the toilet!”

A fourth added: “I’ve lived here my entire life and you have summed the place up in a video.”

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