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New reforestation projects at scale in Stirlingshire

A REFORESTATION firm has welcomed elected representatives at Dumyat, near Stirling, in an effort to inspire and unite key influencers in the battle against climate change.

Ahead of Scotland’s Climate Week – taking place from 25 September to 1 October – the Future Forest Company has shown Councillor Jim Thomson and Alyn Smith MP a range of biodiversity projects that are currently underway at its award-winning site.

One of the most important programs is the landscape scale project, which contributes to the mitigation of climate change by aiming to sequester over 80,000 tonnes of carbon over the next one hundred years.

Jamie Adcock – Senior Forest Manager at The Future Forest Company – offered the guests an insight into the biodiversity activity being undertaken, the progress that has been made since work began earlier this year, and future plans for the site.

LtoR Councillor Jim Thomson, Tom Newell TFFC, Alyn Smith MP, Jamie Adcock TFFC
Left to right: Councillor Jim Thomson, Tom Newell (The Future Forest Company), Alyn Smith MP and Jamie Adcock (The Future Forest Company).

The visitors saw first-hand other biodiversity projects at Dumyat, including the sites transformation from an ecologically degraded grassland into wildflower meadows and the creation of new wetland to provide habitat for wetland flowers, insects, and birds.

With over 340,000 trees made up of 18 species being planted across 184 hectares at the iconic site, the contribution the woodlands project is making to the people of Stirling, and its environment and economic prosperity was celebrated by the guests.

Alyn Smith MP said: “Restoring native woodland is a sensible way to help tackle climate change, repair damaged ecological systems and, with the right management and engagement, can become a cultural asset in its own right.”

The visit follows The Future Forest Company’s recent award win at Scotland’s Finest Woods Awards, recognising its efforts to remove CO2 from the atmosphere, restore biodiversity, and fight climate change, through the delivery of its reforestation projects.

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