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Shocking footage shows moment armed police “storm” bus allegedly looking for “weapon”

SHOCKING footage shows the moment a bus is “stormed” by armed police after they allegedly received reports of a “weapon”.

TikTok user Luna claims that police took to her bus in Radford, Nottingham on Wednesday in a search for women wielding firearms.

She added that, despite officers searching both floors of the bus, the women were not to be found – although were allegedly later found in the centre of Radford.

The video shows passengers sitting on the ground floor of the bus as Sound of da Police by KRS-One plays in the background.

On-screen text reads: “When armed police storm the bus”.

A police officer wielding an assault rifle can be seen climbing up the stairs of the bus as a young passenger, who appears terrified, shifts to the back of the bus.

Passengers murmur to each other as the camera pans to show a police car stopped in front of the bus whilst, another armed officer is stood on the road, complete with his helmet and a gun in hand.

A third officer can then be seen walking onto the bus with a helmet, gun and further equipment as he joins his comrade upstairs in the alleged hunt for the two women.

The clip then speeds up as one of the offices come back downstairs to check inside the driver’s seat before heading back upstairs.

The camera then slows back down as an officer returns to the ground floor, announcing to passengers: “Folks, just for your information, I know that some people are probably recording me and some are not.”

A distressed child can be heard in the background as the officer, who has a black mask covering his mouth, continues.

He says: “Not one person’s had a gun pointed at them, so the information we’ve received is obviously quite credible intelligence that someone on board this bus has got something that they shouldn’t have.”

He adds as the bus quietens: “We’re going to have to investigate that, unfortunately.

“We’re speaking to witnesses now. You’re just going to have to bear with us for a minute because at the moment, my boss is telling me that no one’s allowed off this bus and we’re dealing with what we can deal with.

“So, I can only apologise. We are going to delay but we’ll get you gone as soon as we can, alright?”

Passengers can be heard thanking the officer as he asks someone to “do the same upstairs”.

He then requests the passengers to stand up and appears to be checking the seats.

He reassures the passengers: “I’ll be the same upstairs. And then you can be off on your way, folks, alright?”

An officer wielding a gun.
Pictured: An officer allegedly looking for the culprits. Credit to @lunaax/TikTok/Deadline News.

He then walks upstairs as a fellow officer remains to keep watch on the ground floor.

The officer can then be heard requesting the same of the passengers upstairs.

Passenger Luna took to social media last week to share the shocking footage, writing: “They had a report of someone on the bus [sic] had a weapon I think”.

The post received over 25,400 likes and more than 490 comments from users quick to share their thoughts on the clip.

One person wrote: “I would be scared for no reason.”

Another said: “Keeping you safe on the bus. Well done to the police. Better to [be] safe than sorry.”

A third commented: “I love how that guy at the front makes his way to the back of the bus so fast.”

A fourth added: “Imagine trying to explain that one to the bus when they arrive late to work.”

Speaking today Chief Inspector Neil Humphris, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “We take any report of this nature extremely seriously and as part of our response to this incident a large number of officers were deployed to multiple locations in the city centre.

“We also stopped a bus in the city following reports, which later proved to be incorrect, that a suspect had boarded the vehicle. I would like to thank the passengers for their patience and understanding.

“I would also like to thank other members of the public for calling in and providing important information which allowed us to quickly and safely resolve this incident.

“Anyone with any other relevant information, or dashcam or CCTV footage, who has not yet spoken to an officer should call 101, quoting incident number 635 of 13 September 2023, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.”

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