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NewsMoment Celtic-daft dad is pranked by family after cutting cake to reveal...

Moment Celtic-daft dad is pranked by family after cutting cake to reveal rival colours

A HILARIOUS video shows the moment a Celtic-daft dad is pranked by his family after cutting his birthday cake, only to be met with his rival team’s colours.

The Scot was celebrating his 60th birthday with family and friends in a restaurant in Glasgow when he was presented with a cake decorated in the colours of his beloved Hoops.

However, his delight with the green and white theme of his cake is quickly soured as he cuts a slice to hilariously reveal the blue and red colours of Rangers inside.

The clip begins with the man, dressed in a shirt and jeans, standing by his birthday cake with a large knife in hand.

The cake has been decorated with green and white hoops akin to the strip that Celtic play in, whilst a Celtic badge has been placed on the front of the icing.

He takes a long knife and playfully begins to cut the first slice of his birthday desert saying: “Right we’re in, can you feel it hen? We’re in, we’re in hen, we’re in.”

As the man takes the knife out, his daughter offers an instruction: “Dad, cut a proper slice of it.”

The man moves the knife towards the centre of the cake to prepare a proper slice of the cake, remarking: “It’s a shame to cut that cake by the way. It’s a shame to cut that.”

Partygoers get close to try and snap a picture of the birthday boy alongside his grandchildren with the cake.

The doting grandad poses for the picture with his grandchildren before a punter off-screen asks: “When are we getting a slice of it [the cake]?”

This leads the man to joke: “You think you’re getting a slice of the cake? That’s Carol’s.”

His pals, clearly in on the joke, plead: “Right cut it [the cake] so we can see.”

The slice is then delicately cut before the man removes the cake gently, saying: “We’re in.”

The Celtic-daft fan with his cake
The 60-year-old was left speechless after cutting his cake. Credit: TikTok

However, his mood quickly changes as he notices the blue and red sponge, the colours of Celtic’s oldest rival Rangers.

Looking over at the guests, he launches a foul-mouthed rant in jest, saying: “You dirty b******s, you dirty rotten b******s, get that in the bin.”

The video ends with the man’s family cracking up at his reaction, as he stands with his mouth hanging open, seemingly stunned by the cheeky surprise.

The video was shared to social media yesterday by user Marmite, where it racked up over 15,000 likes and over 300 comments from social media users left in stitches.

One said: “This is amazing and not because I’m a Rangers fan, he took it so well.”

Another commented: “He reacted better than I thought he would.”

A third added: “We need more of this, life is too short, brilliant craic.”

Another responded: “Brilliant, big man took it so well I must say.”

Celtic were unable to offer a cause for more celebration last week after sharing the spoils in their UEFA Champions League tie, drawing 2-2 with Spanish side Atletico Madrid.

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