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Brit left mortified after having to be rescued from locked toilet cubicle on first day of new job

A BRIT woman has been left mortified after hilariously having to be rescued from a locked toilet cubicle on the first day of her new job.

Lola Bridger began her new job as an admin assistant in London earlier this month and, despite the day going well, disaster struck when she nipped to the toilet at the end of her shift.

Upon discovering that the door was stuck, the 23-year-old was locked inside for a whopping 30 minutes before being eventually rescued by staff members kicking the door down.

Video shows Lola attempting to hold the door handle down and escape the cubicle, putting her entire weight against the wall to wrench the door open.

Lola groans “It’s my first day” as she moves the camera to rest on the toilet, showing her once again trying to prize the door open using her feet whilst pulling on the handle.

After several more attempts Lola turns around to face the camera as she again squats on the floor and lets out a defeated sigh of frustration.

The video then cuts to what appears to be later in the debacle, where a woman can be heard on the other side of the door saying, “Turn it the other way,” before laughing.

Lola shouts back “Don’t laugh, I’m claustrophobic,” as she stands upright on the toilet seat.

The woman on the other side then adds “Oh no. It’s actually stuck, what a first day!” before the pair laugh together.

After some crashing and banging sounds, a man can be heard evaluating how to help her out.

Lola shouts through the door: “At least everyone’s going to know my name now aren’t they, f***ing idiot who got stuck in the toilet.”

The man then says, “This has never happened before” and the woman on the other side replies: “I know, I can’t believe it.”

Eventually, two men on the other side of the stall decide to just batter the door down, crashing against it before the lock eventually breaks and Lola is finally freed, half an hour later.

Lola posted the video to social media earlier this month with the caption: “Sums up my first day.”

The clip has since received over 450,000 likes and more than 3,800 comments from users left in stitches by Lola’s poor luck.

The post has been liked by over 450,000 users and has received more than 3,800 comments.

One user commented: “They better not call you toilet girl. My first day I tripped on a one-inch step, hit my head on a glass door and got concussion.”

Another wrote: “The fact you’ll now be known as the employee who got stuck in the toilet.”

A third said: “I would have called the office crying my eyes out.”

Another wrote: “Who’s laughing now at our American toilets with a gap big enough to crawl under the door.”

A fifth replied: “I’d have to go home. I’ll try again another day.”

Lola replied to this, revealing: “I was meant to leave early!”

Lola Bridger. Credits: Instagram.

Speaking today Lola said: “I got a new job as an admin assistant up in London, I was leaving to go home for the day and popped to the loo.

“The door closed normally although I did notice it was a bit stiff, but once I closed it seemed to be fine.

“I tried opening it and it wasn’t working at all, the lock had gotten permanently stuck in the lock position so no matter how much I unlocked and locked it, it didn’t change the position of it in the door frame.

“I was stuck for 30 minutes, luckily I had my phone, so I messaged the work group chat that I just literally got added to moments before.

“One of the ladies who I work with came down and tried to open it from the outside and then when she knew we couldn’t do anything she got the maintenance team to come down.

“They tried everything and even got these magnet things to lift the door up but that didn’t work either, so the last resort was booting down the door.

“I am claustrophobic and was getting hot and sweaty, plus my friends were laughing at the fact I told them I was stuck, so I thought to film it to keep my mind occupied and my friends entertained.

“Then after I was rescued, I went straight to the pub for a large wine because it was all a bit too much for me.

“I was slightly embarrassed but it wasn’t my fault, so I looked at the funny side of things.

“They sent an email out to work in the morning stating the new starter Lola got stuck in the toilet yesterday and the door must be removed – that was more embarrassing!”

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