Saturday, December 2, 2023
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Hilarious video shows Londoners left chuckling after spotting entire billboard dedicated to brutal message for “cheating” boyfriend

A HILARIOUS video shows Londoners left chuckling after spotting an entire billboard dedicated to a brutal message from a woman addressed to her “cheating” boyfriend.

The digital billboard was paid for by a woman known only as Sarah, who directed company Vanvertise to place one of their huge digital billboards on a London street to address her partner.

Aimed at one Daniel Patel, the brutal message slams the “scumbag” boyfriend for his alleged infidelity in plain black-and-white for all to see.

The video shows a large group of Londoners smiling and laughing as they take photos of the van which is parked on the opposite side of the road.

After showcasing the peaked interest of the commuters, the video then pans around to reveal the message that is featured on the side of the van.

It reads: “To my cheating boyfriend Daniel Patel.

“I saw the text messages. 7-and-a-half years down the drain. Enjoy ‘work’ you immoral scumbag. Sarah.”

The on-screen caption reads: “POV: You’re walking through central London and see this message on a digital billboard.”

The digital billboard was presumably parked opposite the workplace of Daniel by Vanvertise – whose initiative was inspired by an episode of hit TV show Black Mirror.

The video was uploaded to social media by Vanvertise yesterday with the caption: “A very long day indeed for Mr. Daniel Patel. RIP.”

The clip has since received over 120,000 likes and more than 350 comments from users left chuckling at the very public spat.

One user wrote: “Will the real Daniel Patel please stand up?”

Another commented: “Sarah the story time! Sorry for you.”

A third said: “Daniel Patel, are you going to defend yourself?”

Another added: “The fact everyone wants the tea.”

A fifth replied: “That one lady said, ‘Oh I got to get a picture of this’. She opened that phone case so quickly.”

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