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Hilarious video shows moment Seann Walsh addresses audience in tracksuit – after mic mishap

A HILARIOUS video shows the moment Seann Walsh is forced to introduce his support act in a tracksuit – after his backstage mic wasn’t working.

The comedian is currently touring the United Kingdom on his Back From The Bed tour and had arrived at Sheffield’s City Hall last week.

Usually Walsh will introduce his support from backstage whilst he preps for his own act but the 37-year-old had to go face-to-face with the crowd in the Steel City.

Eventually his support Peter Rethinasamy takes the stage after nervously waiting behind the curtain for his big moment.

The video begins with a timid-looking Walsh peeping through the curtain at the audience from behind the stage.

Walsh then turns around to the man filming and says: “How do I know when its-“

The man replies: “I – I don’t know.”

An apprehensive Walsh then says: “I don’t know.”

Walsh then taps the microphone several times hoping for some feedback but is forced to carry on, saying: “Good evening Sheffield, please do me a favour and welcome to the stage your support act for this evening, he’s a very good friend of mine, you’re gonna love him, go crazy for Peter Rethinasamy.”

The comedian then immediately says: “It’s not on, it’s not on, it’s not on.” as he laughs with several others backstage.

The Strictly star then opens the doors and walks out to address the chuckling audience who faintly heard his introduction from behind the doors.

He says: “I’m so sorry ladies and gentlemen.”

The crowd then cheer and applaud as he makes his way onto the stage dressed in his tracksuit as he had not yet found the time to change for his performance.

He adds: “This is what I look like when I realised I’m about to walk on stage um, I actually have support acts and uh he’s, I was meant to introduce him from the backstage mic – but it wasn’t on.

“Just so you know this isn’t planned either, this isn’t a regular thing that I do, I can’t believe that this is happening, why did I come on? Look at the f***ing state of me, look at this!

“I’m p****d off because I thought I was in the big room.”

Seann Walsh with Sheffield crowd. Credits: Instagram.

The crowd laugh and clap, this is a refence to Walsh’s gig being performed in the Memorial Hall, which houses just 500 people compared to the Oval Hall in the same building which has a maximum capacity of 2,271 seats.

Walsh then introduces his support act saying: “Give a massive round of applause, start stamping your feet, all that nonsense, go crazy, go wild for the Peter Rethinasamy.”

He then runs off the stage and through to the backstage area as he says: “F**k.”

The video then cuts to him staring at the camera in disbelief for several seconds as his friend laughs before saying: “What just happened?”

The video was uploaded to social media on Friday with the caption: ‘Venue forgets to turn on mic in Sheffield.’

The post has been liked by over 1,400 users and has received dozens of comments.

One user wrote: “The enthusiasm when introducing,to the look on your face knowing it was off -priceless.”

Another commented: “No one noticed you’re good.”

One user replied: “He’s looking more and more like Josh Widdecombe. I hope he’s down south soon, very funny guy.”

Another said: “The apprehensive finger smack of the mic in the beginning. Every sound technicians go to.”

Walsh continues his European tour where he’ll play venues in Sweden, Denmark, Belgium and The Netherlands as well as many more venues across the UK until 30 May 2024.

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