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Moment students left panicking after neighbouring flat drills through wall – and nearly into their boiler

THIS is the moment that students are left panicking as their neighbouring flat drills through their wall – and nearly into their boiler.

Emilie Fielding was at home with her pals in their Edinburgh flat last week, when she heard a loud buzzing noise coming from her walls.

She quickly realised that the noise was in fact workmen who were allegedly doing work in the adjacent flat – and had ended up drilling through the walls dangerously close to her boiler.

With her calls for them to stop not being heard, the shocked student, from Manchester, found the flat in the neighbouring building and managed to stop the workers just in time.

Video filmed by Emilie shows the interior of one of the cupboards in the students’ flat, where a large white boiler sits, with a pipe that leads up and along the wall.

Behind the boiler is a large crack where paint appears to have chipped off.

The chipped paint suddenly falls off as a small drill bit appears in the hole, causing Emilie to yell exasperatedly: “Stop drilling, you’re coming through to my wall.”

Emilie’s flatmates can be heard laughing in the background as the now-chipped wall shows the layer of plaster beneath.

The drilling appears to stop as Emilie further pleads: “Hey. Let’s retract the drill.”

A few moments of silence pass as it appears that the workmen have heard Emilie – until a loud buzzing sound bounces off the wall and the drill restarts.

Emilie then angrily yells again: “What are you doing? That’s our boiler.”

Emilie Fielding.
Pictured: Emily Fielding. Credit to @emiliefielding_.

The clip then cuts to a fellow flatmate who stands addressing the faceless workers on the other side of the wall.

She attempts to explain their concerns, saying: “Hello? You’re drilling into our boiler.”

The group laugh again as the clip cuts to show a still image of the drilled wall.

The end of the drill can be seen poking into the flat as the surrounding areas have been chipped off.

A further image shows the chipped off painted that has cracked and ultimately fallen onto the floor.

A final image shows a close-up of the drilled wall, showing that the drill has come far too deep into the wall.

Emilie took to social media last week to share the shocking footage, writing: “Student living luv [sic]”.

The post received over 13,100 likes, and hundreds of comments from users left shocked by what seems to have been a near-miss.

One person wrote in the comments: “Oh my God. Right into the electricity safe zones too. Literally right above that isolator switch.”

The drilled wall.
Pictured: The moment the wall began being drilled. Credit to @emiliefielding_ from TikTok.

Another said: “At least you have video evidence for your landlord, so you get your deposit back.”

A third commented: “Hope they repaired the damage. Jesus Christ, that’s dangerous.”

Another added: “Best check behind your mirrors as well now.”

A fifth wrote: “Not a clever idea to stick your head directly where they’re drilling.”

Emilie explained: “We live in a separate block of flats to these people, so it isn’t as easy as just ‘knocking on the door’.

“The holes they drilled went behind our boiler […] There was a hole in the wall hence why we were trying to talk to them.

“We also did track down the flat in question, like five minutes after this, and the workmen had to repair the wall.”

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