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Couple who first met on Blind Date 35 years ago are still together, reveal secrets to successful marriage

A BRIT couple who first met on Blind Date 35 years ago are still together – and have revealed the secrets behind their successful marriage.

Sue and Alex Tatham met on the popular dating show, hosted by Cilla Black, in 1988 when Alex chose the mystery woman behind door number two – who would go on to become his wife.

The pair were recently spotted walking hand-in-hand on the streets of London, where they revealed their advice for those looking for love.

Footage shows the couple walking along a busy street in London, as the unnamed cameraperson approaches and asks: “Excuse me. Are you two a couple?”

The pair confirm they are together before the American behind the camera asks: “Would you mind telling us the story of how you first met?”

Alex, 57, grins at the camera as he begins: “We met on television. We met on a TV game show. It was called Blind Date.”

Sue, 56, smiles as she fondly chimes in: “Cilla Black.”

Alex cheekily says: “You can look us up on the YouTube, and 17.5 million people watched our wedding.”

Sue laughs lovingly as she perches her head on Alex’s shoulder.

Alex then says: “I mean, let’s face it. I could have picked from [door] number one and number three–”

He points to Sue as he adds: “This is number two.”

Sue agrees as she says: “They were also very nice.”

The clip then cuts to Sue’s appearance on Blind Date, where she wears a purple dress and feathered hair.

Alex stands on the other side of the partition alongside host Cilla Black, who says: “You picked the lovely number two and that was Sue from West Midlands.”

The clip cuts to show the door which hides Sue from Alex – who has not yet seen what she looks like.

The pair grin nervously as a drum roll begins and the door disappears, to show the couple’s first ever glimpse at each other.

The audience cheer and applaud as the Sue and Alex share a quick peck on the cheek before the clip cuts back to the couple in the present day.

The cameraperson then asks: “Thirty-five years in, what’s your favourite thing about her?”

Alex turns lovingly towards his wife and wraps an arm around the back of her as he says: “The fact that she’s as beautiful today as she was when I first met her.”

Charmed by his response, Sue she and shares her favourite things about Alex, saying animatedly: “He’s so kind and he makes me laugh all the time.”

Alex and Sue.
Pictured: Sue and Alex Tatham. (C) @meetcutesnyc from TikTok.

The cameraman then poses the question: “What advice would you give a couple that just met on a blind date?”

Sue answers heartfeltly: “Go into it with an open heart and just go in and make the best of it and be positive and be nice.”

Alex adds: “I think the first thing we said is that, because we’re on a blind date, this is going to be a spectacular experience. It’s in front of the entire UK public and the entire UK nation.

“We said that actually, what we need to do, is to make sure that we remain friends the rest of our lives–”

Sue interjects: “Whatever happens.”

Alex concludes “And if you look up Blind Date on YouTube, you’ll see,” before parting ways with the cameraman, holding hands with his wife.

The clip then finally cuts back to Cilla Black on Blind Date, as she introduces the pair to the audience: “Ladies and gentlemen, Sue and Alex. See you next week.”

The audience applaud as the couple walk away together off-set.

The footage was shared to social media on Tuesday (14 NOV) with the caption: “Contestant number two.”

The post received over 248,500 likes and more than 3,600 comments from fans left awestruck by the couple’s backstory.

One person wrote: “I’m sure it was the first time Cilla Black brought herself a new hat for the first blind date wedding. Old enough to remember it too.”

Another said: “The fact he searches for her hand all the time.”

A third commented: “Wow. What are the odds you would run into them?”

A fourth added: “Please. The way he looks at her when she’s talking.”

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