Susan Boyle set to star in ITV Christmas Special, is also taken ill


16susanboyle By Oliver Farrimond

SCOTS singing star Susan Boyle is set to feature in a yuletide television spectacular.

The Blackburn-born global superstar will perform to a crowd of celebrities in ITV’s “An Audience with Susan Boyle”.

Susan, 48, will perform songs from her soon-to-be released album I Dreamed A Dream in an hour-long special.

A TV source said that the show would be ITV’s “jewel in the crown” for their Christmas programming.

A source said: “Susan started her career at ITV so it’s only right that it should properly take off on ITV as well.

“Already people are calling it the jewel in ITV’s crown this Christmas.

“The show could be screened across the globe and be one of ITV’s biggest ever ratings successes.

“Britain’s Got Talent judges Simon Cowell, Piers Morgan and Amanda Holden will definitely want to be there but producers are considering inviting celeb fans like Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher.

“Susan’s show will be the must-watch programme over the festive period.”

A spokesperson for STV said that the programme would be broadcast by UK counterpart ITV, who could not be contacted yesterday.

The news comes as “SuBo” was taken ill last week, being rushed to hospital on Friday amid internet speculation the singer might have contracted swine flu.

Upset Stomach

An ambulance was called to her council house in Blackburn, West Lothian, at 3am on Friday morning, when the spinster was taken to St. John’s hospital in East Lothian.

It later emerged that the singer had an upset stomach, and returned home later that day.

Susan’s manager, Nicola Phillips, insisted she was “fine”, adding: “We have no further comment – I am not in a position to say what was wrong with her because that is private.”

Locals at the Happy Valley Hotel in Blackburn offered the singer their support.

One said: “We hope she’s ok.

“Her whole life has been turned upside down and we just cope she can cope with it.”

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  1. I look forward very much to watching Susan’s show on television, but most of all I wish her a speedy recovery. It must be so awful, the whole world wanting to know every detail of every minor ailment. Warm wishes to you Susan.

  2. I hope Susan recovers soon. I also hope that Amanda Holden is not allowed to attend Susan’s Christmas special. She has no business being anywhere near Susan after her terrible mocking of Susan on “Chatty Man” in August.

  3. “Spinster”!! Why use that out-dated word to describe a single, middle aged woman, famous or not. By doing that you’re conveying an image of someone who is stuffy and old fashioned. Obviously, Susan Boyle is non of those things.
    Who else would you describe as a spinster? Madonna? She’s middle aged and single.

  4. Here we go again. What on earth has Susan Boyle’s marital status got to do with anything except her tax return? Why not write “when she was taken to hospital” or ” the famous Scot was taken to hospital” or a hundred other non-judgemental ways of saying she went to hospital? Spinster is a term that had its day a century and more ago. It was not flattering then and it isn’t now. Being unmarried was a source of shame and often ridicule. Those attitudes still attach to the word and to the state of being unmarried when they are used in the way they have been, to define a person. So why use them so relentlessly? When do you intend to stop insulting her? Would you apply the same lazy, insensitive journalistic standards to a man? I think not.

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