That’s all right Ma’am: Royal cash helps Daniel become The King


AN Elvis impersonator has been given Royal cash to help him realise his dream of performing live in Las Vegas.

Daniel Currie has been given the grant by the Prince’s Scottish Youth Business Trust.

The grant has allowed the 22-year-old from Edinburgh to become Scotland’s youngest full time Elvis tribute artist.

He said: “They gave me a loan which helped get a brand new PA system for doing my shows, new lights, all new stage wear – stuff like that.

Daniel Currie: Hopes the Royal cash will take him to Vegas
“I’ve got a contract with a casino in Dundee, I’ve got birthday parties and I do a lot of weddings as well.



“I travel all up and down the country, doing my show.”

Daniel can spend in the region of £2,500 on his costumes, which take months to make.

He admitted: “I get a lot of attention in the jumpsuit, especially from women. I do get a lot of women’s underwear thrown at me.”

Daniel, who performs under the stage name Danny Allan, became an Elvis fan early on.

He said: “I was born into it in a way. My dad used to have all the LPs as a kid so as I grew up I always had Elvis playing around me.

“And as I got older I started learning more songs. I started doing karaoke when I was 16 and everybody said how good I was and that I should go professional with it.”

Two years ago, Daniel won the biggest Elvis competition in Europe, called Walk a Mile in my Golden Shoes. He won the title again last year.

But his ultimate ambition is to be crowned winner at the Images of the King competition in Memphis, Tennessee.

Daniel plans to take part in the competition in the near future.