Animal charity fear witchcraft is behind horse attack


ANIMAL protection chiefs fear witchcraft may be behind a sickening spate of horse attacks.

A horse had its forelock and mane hacked off this week – the second attack of its kind in just seven days.

Last week, another pony had his forelock and mane chopped off while he was grazing in the middle of the day.

Ella Newell pictured with Jay 

And now, SSPCA say its possible the pattern could be related to satanic rituals linked to devil worship and black magic groups.

Bizarre satanic rituals can include cutting or plaiting a horses hair, taking blood samples, or even sexual assault in the most extreme cases.

According to the ‘satanic calendar’ animal sacrifices are offered up at both the spring equinox and summer solstice.

The charity is encouraging horse and pony owners in the Lothians to be vigilant after the incidents.

Owner of the horse involved in this week’s attack, Jennifer Rae, discovered the mane and forelock had been hacked off her 10 year old gypsy cob, Jay.

The attack happened while he was in his field in the Bonally area of Edinburgh on the evening of Monday 16 April between 6.30 and 7pm.

Senior Inspector Stuart Murray attended the incident and found the horse to be shaken but otherwise unharmed.

SI Murray said, “There are a number of reasons why this horse’s mane and forelock may have been cut off and, while this would not have caused the animal any physical harm, it is likely to have been frightened by this disturbance.”

He said theories included an act of sabotage by another and criminals marking the horse for theft.

But he added: “Incidents such as this have also been suggested to be linked with Satanic practices or witchcraft.”

Jay’s rider Julie Carpenter said the attack was “sick” 

Julie Carpenter, who cares for and rides Jay, said the attack was “absolutely sick.”

The 44-year-old said: “If it is that then he will be heavily guarded and if they come back at the equinox then the owner will hire a security guard.

“He is an animal and he hasn’t done anything wrong. It’s not fair and to be honest I think it’s absolutely sick. Two years ago a horse was killed in England by satanic worshippers and that worries me. He has lived in this field for five or six years and nothing has happened and this just makes me feel very, very angry.”

Tampering with a horse by a stranger can be traumatic for an animal, and Jay’s owner, Jennifer added: “He’s normally a really canny horse but as soon as I entered the field last night he swung his back end out and kicked at me before running off.

“He’s been very jumpy ever since this happened and it’s such a shame.

“Jay loves his food so if someone had a bucket of feed then I can imagine they’d be able to cut his hair quite easily, I just can’t understand why anyone would do this.

“We were planning to compete in the showing season, but that is in doubt now because Cob classes are strict and your horse should either be all natural or completely hogged (shaved). If I do this it will take two or three years to grow back.”

Three-year-old welsh pony Morris also had his hair chopped off inWest Lothian on Monday April 9.

Morris was targeted sometime during the day while in his paddock in Drumshoreland Road, Pumpherston.

10-year-old Cob Jay was shaken after the attack


The horse was uninjured, however, the owners are now unable to show the animal at forthcoming events.

SI Murray added that all pony and horse owners should be on the look out for their animals.

“We are urging all horse and pony owners in the Lothian area to be vigilant,” Senior Inspector Murray said.

According to the ‘satanic calendar’ there are many dates where animals, including horses, are sacrificed. On January 7, or St Winebald day, an animal or human sacrifice is made. At both the Spring Equinox in March and Summer Solstice in December animal and human sacrifices are made as part of age-old satanic rituals.

“If anyone sees anything suspicious they should report it to Lothian and Borders police immediately or call our Animal Helpline on 03000 999 999.”

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  1. Seriously?!?! This again?!?!?! You guys really need to learn the distinction between Witchcraft and Satanism!!!!! Witches are nature lovers, nothing like this would be even vaguely acceptable in witchcraft, Wicca, Paganism etc. You really need to start getting your facts straight. You are distracting from the seriousness of the story by not researching properly. Unimpressed guys.

  2. Horses are attacked,that is the only fact in this story. As to the reasons we do not know and will not know until the person is caught.To bandy around suspicion of Witchcraft and Satanism is rumor mongering and sensationalism on the part of the newspaper and a form of rabble rousing. It may sell more newspapers, but it is not sticking to the facts.

  3. Do NOT confuse witchcraft with satanism. We do not harm any living being. Please make a distinction between the two.

  4. …if these folks had really done legitimate research, they’d have discovered the truth, that rather than harming any creature, true Witches revere and preserve life. But then, that would have cheated them out of a nifty sensational headline.Satanists? There’s no link between the 2 thanks. Satanism is more along the lines of what their hormone-crazed teens are likely to be into. Satanists are a by-product of Christian tyranny. Witches have a much more educated and enlightened understanding of what’s real, and of personal accountability.

  5. Real Witches know that horses are sacred to the Goddess, and they would never harm them. Whoever did this is sick. What kind of weird cults do you folks have over there??? I know plenty of Witches here who would volunteer for guard duty (including me), but that’s a big lake to cross. My prayers are with the horses. I call to all Children of Mother to protect them from the cruelties of man. Blessings and Light!

  6. So, it’s Witches, is it? Who’s next to blame? Jews? The lies told against various religious and other minority groups continue to be spread. there is no such thing a satanic human sacrifice. It’s utter nonsense. I suggest that the police find a real motive and some real perpetrators.

  7. Bulls**** like this gets posted regularly – The next article will quote some minister and a local cop. Whenever something disgusting happens, witches (perceived by christians as satanists) get blamed. For the record, there is no such thing as a ‘satanic calendar’. LOL! All the Satanists I know follow the wheel of the year, which has ZIP to do with christianity, devils, evil or anything else of their own small minded, superstitious religious invention.

    Note that the article says: “Animal Charities FEAR….” so the story is really about their ignorance with a big ugly spotlight on witchcraft. It’s just another way to spin the hammer before it drops. More hate propaganda….last year or a couple of years ago, the cops discovered that the sick culprits responsible for harming horses were TEENAGERS from a local church youth group. Guess how fast the headlines disappeared into the aether? In my entire life, I have never met a witch who wasn’t a role model for Dr. Dolittle.

    • It’s strange how all the comments made on this article are defensive and not one of the ‘out’ witches can offer any advice or help,just a lot of sarcasm and sour grapes.I have a friend who’s little rescue pony was subject on four occassions to visits from weirdo’s the most recent his mane was cut off.regardless of who is responsible this should not be happening the same as any other crime.It is criminal damage.Im pleased to see the local inspector for the area taking an interest even if a misguided one, but I am sure if you have some accurate intel for him he would appreciate it no matter how trivial

  8. Satan is a Christian problem. Witches, other pagans, and non-Christians do not believe in Satan, and therefore do not participate in “Satanic practices”.

    Ignorance is ugly. Sensationalism is ugly.

  9. That is a lot of speculating. First of all, maybe they had burs in there forelocks that some person thought they were being helpful removing? (Attacked is a strong word for giving the horse a haircut.)

    Next, you need to understand that not all witches are satanist. To be a witch just means to weave the universal energies to get an end result, props not necessarily required. Praying that someone will get better over a candle would be a form of witchcraft. Satanists may practice witchcraft, but they are a SMALL portion of those who do. (This is a reason that any “witches” chose a different term like, “wise one” or “healer” etc, because they don’t want to be linked with the negativity of those who follow the Christian “Devil”.)

    • Attack!! YES it is these horses are taken up to be fed groomed and excercised every day people have no right to be in my fields as for taking out burs do you walk around with siscors in your pocket if so perhaps the police need to have a word with you!These horse are not kept near housing areas they are 3 miles from any village so you have to set out to do something like this.

  10. That was meant to say “MANY witches chose a different term” so not to be associated with a Religion that has Nothing to do with their own.

    A witch can be of any religion, and may be called by other terms asides from “witch”. (Though their are definitely religions that discourage the use of the word, over terms such as “praying” or such.)

  11. It is most likely criminals stealing horse hair for sale on the international black market. Horse hair can fetch up to $250.00 a pound. Blaming witches while allowing criminals to remain free is inexcusable and only increases crime. During the economic problems and high unemployment and high food and gas prices, crimes like this are only going to get worse.
    Lets focus on the real problems rather than spreading lies.

  12. Shakes head…. The horse was uninjured, however, the owners are now unable to show the animal at forthcoming events. Words from the owners mouth. Gypsy cobs are big news right now, I have one myself .
    As for witch craft …poppycock ! I am also a witch and would never harm a horse. if you ask me its the ones that show them and cut the feather and manes off that need locking up.

  13. But he added: “Incidents such as this have also been suggested to be linked with Satanic practices or witchcraft.”

    To be fair, so have eclipses … and diseases … and everything else that goes wrong in the world. Yeah, I think they should scrap the “marking for later horse theft” angle, the witch angle makes a LOT more sense. Oh, BTW … sarcasm OFF now. 😛

  14. LOL I agree with the posters above that there is a difference between Satanists and Witches. Therefore I won’t go any further on that. But what I think is funny is this statement:
    “We were planning to compete in the showing season, but that is in doubt now because Cob classes are strict and your horse should either be all natural or completely hogged (shaved). If I do this it will take two or three years to grow back.”
    So maybe it was their competition and not Satanists or Witches that did this but some anal horse show people who felt threatened by this woman’s horses winning in show? Blaming witches for something and not investigating it is immoral and irresponsible. Get to work police agency and find out who really did it. Sad excuse for law enforcement if you ask me.

  15. Well done ‘Deadline’. Now its your turn to produce another piece of journalistic rubbish,
    first the ‘Daily Fail’ prints an anti pagan bit and now Witchcraft is the headline when an
    organization is looking for those involved in a satanic ritual.
    Why don’t you just start calling for Witch hunting again?
    Why not blame the bad weather on witches…or maybe the home nations football
    bad performances on us????!!!!!????
    The fact the Satan is a Christian figure and nothing to do with the pagan’s Pan (who
    is a horned god which was used to fashion their image of the devil), but more
    importantly a satanic ritual or anything to do with Satan is as far from anything
    to do with witchcraft as it could be, like chalk and cheese.
    If a witch wanted anything that they didn’t own they would buy it, not steal it…
    that would incur the three fold rule.
    Next time you want to blame someone try not defaming any religion or breed of
    person just because it makes a good story.

  16. Sounds to me, since they are showing, someone didn’t want them to show. Or, perhaps someone thought the horses couldn’t see through their forelocks. People are stupid. To say that this had something to do with witchcraft however, is beyond stupid. Witches celebrate life in all forms and many worship Goddesses of horses. People who write this dribble need to quit making assumptions, as well as the idiot at the SSPCA.

    Abundant Blessings bestowed onto you and your loved ones
    Peace & Love XO ?~Patty

  18. funny how the aspca website news article didn’t mention anything about the incidents being related to any form of the occult but that one theory is that is related to Satanism. Thats it, no witchcraft, no fears of sacrifices. sigh. this kind of article which wildly throws accusations around is inflammatory at the least and can cause damage, influencing wrongly peoples opinions on whatever group of people they are slandering. the sad thing is that a witch or group of witches can actually help this situation but the victims may never want the help because of the way this article was written.

  19. No wonder the poor horses are unprotected with idiots in charge that cannot tell the difference between witchcraft and Satanism. Fire the chief and hire a pagan to do the job right, SSPCA.

  20. Absolute nonsense, this entire connection to witchcraft. If anything, if these are show horses, someone just eliminated some competition, you can’t show horses looking like that. The other thing that comes to mind, is someone with some kinky habits decided they’d like to make a nice horsehair whip. Maybe if people spent less time thumping their bibles and more time using common sense…

  21. FACEPALM! This has the be the biggest load of BS ever written. The so called satanic calendar they keep referring to is a trashy thing written by Mike Warnke, a Christian evangelist who claimed he had been a Satanist. All his claims were debunked. An embarrassment for all involved. How did these people buy into this crap? Do your homework.

  22. This author must also do articles on crop circles, alien abductions, UFO sightings, religious icons on toast and 200lb newborn babies.

    The utter lack of any journalistic credibility allowed by this “newspaper” puts it on par with trash rags.

  23. Or it could be a couple of 14 yr old girls that wanted to make some cool horsehair friendship rings.
    Or it could be some fetishist who wanted to make a horsehair whip
    Or it could be a local copper who wanted to see his name in the paper
    Or it could be some 70hr old chap out for a walk who saw a horse with numerous burrs tangled in his forelock
    Or it could be the owners trying to get some sympathy
    Or it could be some craftsperson wanting to use some ‘pretty’ horsehair in her crafts
    Or it could be some Christian minister who saw hairs tangled in the horse’s forelocks and thought it somehow Satanic
    Or it could be a painter wanting to make some horeshair brushes.
    Or it could be some foreigner wanting a unique souvinier

    Hey, this is kind of a fun game, anyone else want to try?

  24. Witchcraft?! Oh my what next – lions & tigers & bears? Better blame a jealous show rival or a boozed up eejit! Sensational journalism like this only serves to create, grow and nurture prejudice! Witches/Wiccans/Pagans do not believe in satan or the devil – it is a purely christian concept created by the church to keep good little christians in line! No self respecting witch or any other practitioner of the craft is likely to be involved in this attack! Satanists are a very different and wholly separate thing to witchcraft – which is a practice of nature and the worship of the whole – don’t blame us – pagans – for an action that was not ours. While I am sorry that this horse has been attacked – apart from missing some of it’s forelock, mane & tail – it had not been physically harmed, so while it may be distressing to the horse and it’s owner to call it mutilation is comparing to the recent horrific horse deaths in England which is entirely untrue and is base scaremongering. Pagans DO NOT DO ANIMAL SACRIFICE! I am truly fed up with pagans being compared to satanists

  25. “At both the Spring Equinox in March and Summer Solstice in December animal and human sacrifices are made as part of age-old satanic rituals.”

    I think we should all be worried that the SUMMER solstice has been switched to DECEMBER????????? help the earth must have switched polarities…quick blame witches for that too!!!!!!!!!!

    for goddesses sake, at least if you will slag off witchcraft/pagans at least get your actual facts correct!!!! stupid journalism strikes again!!!!!!


  26. Ever thought that it could have been some one that didn’t want the horse to be in the competition? Come on guys, we witches are just a bunch of tree huggers and nature lovers. NOT some one that wants to traumatize an innocent animal!!!!

  27. I realise this has upset you all, but you are missing the point of the story…. Horse has lost his mane, been traumatised and at the moment is distrustful to those he knows. I agree that Witchcraft and Satanism are total opposites but the paper did this, and other possibilities have been mentioned in another paper. No Offence meant to anyone who is a member to either organisations. But horses have been killed in the name of Satan, but the headline was only for effect…

    As for the showing comment.. he is not a seasoned shower, we only go for fun and experience, he started competing just last year, so I cannot imagine who knows him and who thinks he could win.. would be nice, but only a bonus if it ever happens.

    And the hair comment…. for hair extensions.. don’t they have to take the hair too??

    This was a frenzied attack on this horse, and we can’t fathom why anyone would do such a wicked thing to such a beautiful creature. It was a cowardly thing to do, as it does not have as much impact on the owner/riders as it does on the horse.

    • @ jaysmum I understand where you’re coming from, but this article will not help anything. While the headline does get attention, its main effect is that it takes the focus off finding who did it. By emphasizing so much on the occult, it is more like to stir up a modern day witch hunt (hence why everyone is reacting so strongly). This not only distracts them from finding the perpetrators, it also endangers a group of people who fear mob mentality.

      A lot of people don’t stop to think about the logic of it. Witchcraft has been a ‘known cause’ for many things over centuries -including milk going bad in heat when not properly stored- and the hate for/ fear of it still exists.

      During the witch hunts hundreds of thousands of men, children and women were burnt alive after being tortured so badly they confessed so the pain would end. It has been said if that considering the population then, the modern day equivalent would probably be a couple of million people who were killed. Because they looked funny, or could swim, or because someone made a comment. That was all it took.

      We do not want to go back to those days and that is why everyone here is taking so much offense to this.

      But I believe you should as well. After all, your main focus is your horse and finding who did it, stopping them before someone else befalls the same fate. This article does not serve that purpose, nor does it urge anyone who has any information to come forward. Instead of banding the community together against such a threat, it alienates those willing to help.

  28. i have just read on facebook about an incident in cawdor in inverness that involved 4 horses 🙁 this one however is more severe Manes & tails cut, areas razor bladed behind ears & over bodies. Red paint daubed over cut areas .. 1 horse seriously injured 🙁 the culprits need to be caught ASAP 🙁

    • Shiv – I too read this, but it’s not accurate. The horses were not slashed anywhere, no manes or tails have been razored/cut, all they had were plaited manes….. Over exaggerated I’m afraid. (and no red paint) I have a page on Facebook for this subject and it was verified there. 🙂

  29. Good grief! Get your head out of the middle ages! These horrible events against horses are probably due to black marketeers who are taking these horsehairs to sell for violin strings and hair extensions for show horses. Stop looking at stupid reasons and look at the rational.

  30. I am so sorry for this happening to your horse. It’s happening in my country of America too. It IS SATANIC practices here. Thank God we still have our gun rights. If people come onto my farm and are trying to harm my livestock in anyway they will be looking down the barrel of my 308. What do your law enforcement people do about this if these people are caught? Ours do nothing much at all. Fine them and let them go. This is animal cruelty and extremely emotional for horse owners. I dearly love my horses! I don’t care what group they come from I want them punished severely!!! Mentally these people are wicked and evil to their very core.By the way, I live in a small town out in the West….out in the country. Sometimes people shoot and questions are asked later……..It’s so sad when others destroy peoples precious property/animals/horses with no regard at all! No honoring or respect of others property. They just trespass with complete disregard. Ugly people. Doesn’t matter if your horse is suffering from fear now….or you either! It’s coming down to having protect your rights and property, because our laws aren’t being enforced. I pray it’s different in your country, but doesn’t sound like it or they wouldn’t have done it in the first place. I pray they are found and severely punished!

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