On the Bru: Scots band Biffy send soda SOS


ROCKERS Biffy Clyro had a supply of Irn Bru flown out to them as they recorded their latest album in LA.

The band were disappointed at being unable to buy “Scotland’s Ither National Drink” while in the US and sent and SOS to makers AG Barr.

The firm then dispatched an emergency supply from their Cumbernauld factory.

AG Barr sent the drink to the band after they pleaded for an emergency supply

 The band’s manager, Neil Anderson, explains of their initial dismay: “Despite the appeal of LA’s beaches, sunshine, culture, amazing food and everything else you’d associate with the city, the lack of Irn Bru was a problem.

“The prospect of our residence in California was tainted with a grey cloud – and we knew that something orange would brighten our stay.”

On receiving the year’s supply of the fizzy drink, the band is back in the studio ready to rock and paid thanks to Irn Bru via their Twitter page.

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