£135k of cannabis seized in city raids


CANNABIS worth £135,000 has been seized by police following two raids in Edinburgh.

The first cultivation was discovered at an address in Forrester Park Gardens on Thursday. Approximately £115,000 worth of cannabis was discovered within the address, along with £1795 in cash.

A 22-year-old man was arrested and charged in connection with the discovery, and he appeared at Edinburgh Sheriff Court on Friday, where he was released on bail.


Police say that cannabis factories can increase fire and electrocution risk  Photo:JonRichfield

The second cultivation was discovered the following day, in Roseburn Street.

On this occasion, cannabis worth approximately £20,000 was seized.  No arrests were made, and further enquiry is underway in order to trace those responsible.

A Lothian and Borders Police spokesman said: “These discoveries serve to highlight the continued use of residential premises for cannabis cultivation, and we would encourage anyone who suspects that a property in their neighbourhood is being used for this purpose to contact police.

“Properties that have been converted to cultivate cannabis will produce large amounts of heat, continually use strong lighting and will likely have their curtains closed or windows blacked out.

“To provide the necessary power for a cannabis cultivation, growers often tamper with electricity circuits, which increases the risk of electrocution or fire, and the chemicals produced during the cultivation process can also be incredibly hazardous.

“The proceeds of these operations line the pockets of serious and organised criminals whose activities spread misery in local communities, and we welcome any information that can help us identify and dismantle cannabis cultivations.”


Anyone with any information should contact Lothian and Borders Police on 0131 311 3131, or Crimestoppers in confidence and complete anonymity on 0800 555 111.

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  1. Well, they should let us all grow our own, small scale; it wouldn’t be a problem then would it???

  2. “……and the chemicals produced during the cultivation process can also be incredibly hazardous…..” what utter nonsense. This is akin to the statement that cannabis fumes cause cancer that was in another rag. The editors code says you must not print falsehoods – please retract this lie immediately. Legalise, educate and allow people to grow their own and this ‘problem’ will disappear.

  3. Yea i think if they allowed small personal grows for people who smoke cannabis then that would eliminate part of the problem, but complete decriminalization or legalization would ensure every dealer goes out of business and the money made goes back into the economy. And the chemicals used for growing cannabis are also used for growing fruit and veg so that argument doesn’t make sense. They should legalize regulate and tax if they want the harms of cannabis to cease.
    Because cannabis is-int harmful that’s the media blowing it out of proportion with negative anecdotal evidence but thats so small compared to the positive anecdotal evidence by medicinal cannabis users who need it to live a function normally. Non biased education and history lessons of cannabis is needed so the public can get a full understanding of the reasons why its illegal. Purely political based on no scientific fact what so ever 🙂
    In fact science has proven when it comes to dependency and physical harm cannabis is somewhere in between a beer and a coffee.
    In context its not harmful, its simply just illegal.

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