Oh deer: Orphaned deer on the road to recovery


TWO orphaned deer recently rescued by the Scottish SPCA are said to be progressing well in their care.

Nipper, the one week old male roe deer, was rescued by a member of the public after falling down a hole at The Doll in Brora on May 14. His female fellow roe deer, Rowan, a two week year old, was abandoned after her mother was chased by dogs near Nairn on May 10.

They were both transported to the National Wildlife Rescue Centre at Fishcross near Alloa where they were allowed to recover from their torment.

DEER O DEER – Nipper and Rowan recovering in the centre

Centre manager Colin Sneddon said: “It’s very unfortunate that Nipper and Rowan became separated from their mothers but this is, sadly, quite a common occurrence when deer and man live side-by-side.

“Thankfully the people who found the fawns did the right thing by calling us for help and keeping them comfortable and quiet until we arrived.

“We’re keeping Nipper and Rowan together, which will help their socialisation as well as give them comfort, and they are already doing really well.

“They’re both taking a bottle and becoming stronger and more active every day. They have a good chance of making a full recovery and being returned to the wild.”

Colin goes on to warn the public that deer should not be approached by humans unless there appears to be an apparent welfare concern.

He states: “Fawns are regularly left on their own by their mother so unless they are showing signs of distress or are in immediate danger they should be left alone to allow mum to return.”



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