Murray’s off-court meltdown turned into hilarious vine


A HILARIOUS video showing Andy Murray vent his frustration during the Australian Open has appeared online.

The six-second video, put together by Andrew Jones from New York, shows a series of clips in which Andy can be seen shouting at himself at the side of the court.

No sound accompanies the video, but the 27-year-old appears to be giving his girlfriend, Kim Sears, a run for her money in the swearing stakes.

Murray appears to shout words including “t***”, “f***” and “b****** after he lost the first set to Novak Djokovic.

1He can also be seen giving a frustrated thumbs-up, gesticulating wildly and slapping his thigh several times.

The video was uploaded online with the caption “Murray being Murray – his sarcastic frustrations after losing set 1.”

2The Scots tennis star lost the first set 7-6 to the world number one, and went on to be beaten at the highly-anticipated match in Melbourne.

During the final, BBC commentators had to apologise to viewers for Andy’s choice of language, and he was criticised by fans on Twitter.

3Jonny Spall wrote: “Perhaps Andy Murray should stop swearing in front of the TV cameras #AusOpenFinal”

4Greg Rust added: “I’m far from perfect when it comes to swearing but Andy Murray dropping the ‘F’ bomb so often ain’t cool when many young fans are watching.”

5James Clark tweeted: “What am ambassador Andy Murray is for young aspiring tennis players. Swearing every 2 minutes on live tele. #AustralianOpen”

6As his frustration grew throughout the game, he yelled at his player’s box, threw his racket to the ground and even hit the net post.

7During his rant, his girlfriend, Kim Sears, was sat in the stands wearing a ‘Parental Advisory: Explicit Content’ top after she allegedly swore during his semi-final match against Thomas Berdych.